23 July 2023 | F/AM-758 Mont Bégo

Hi everyone,

I hope you are good and safe in this hot summer!

I would like to share with you that @F6HBI & I (@F4IYY) will activate F/AM-758 Mont Bégo in 10 days. Hopefully on Sunday, 23 July 2023 around 09:00Z that’s the plan or the day before (Saturday) in case of bad wx.

(Pictures from l-oeil-d-edouard.fr)

It is a great pleasure to activate this famous summit, it is part of the TOP 3 here.

>> Teaser

The Mont Bego is famous for being a mountain with a lot of iron on its ground (uranium and other friends having good electric attractiveness). So, in old times, natives have made this place a holy mountain as it was famous for lightening events. They started 4000 years ago to worship this peak because it was announcing the rain which was good signs for their agriculture.

As a real gift of those ancient times, all the area is full of fantastic rock carvings and it is a protected zone. You can also find a lot of French articles on this worship divinity of Bego.

Finger crossed for the WX but we plan our activity to have enough time for maximum of chasers & s2s !

Talk soon, 73


Correction: Activation planned on Sunday, 23 July 2023 around 09:00Z

Hi all,

Forecast WX seems to be with us… but you never know.
Not sure to have cell coverage nor APRS so we will do our best to call CQ SOTA.
If APRS is available you can follow us using F6HBI-7 & F4IYY-7 on aprs.fi

Talk soon everyone


Hi everyone,

Thank you for being with us on summit, it was a nice adventure in the Valley of Marvels (Vallée des Merveilles) in south of France.

Super hiking with @F6HBI and great weather.

Thx all.

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Hello Folks,
May be you can watch some photos!

Gerald F6HBI


Hey @F6HBI , what a day! Awesome, thx

Salut Gérald et Léo,
Merci pour le qso et les belles images de la Vallée des Merveilles qui me souviennent les belles journées passées en cet endroit extraordinaire (2 fois, donc une avec le tour complet des lacs et la montée au Bégo, sans radio, c’était le siècle passé la première et le 2009 la deuxième fois!).
A’ bientôt en CW.
73 Claudio IX1IHR

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Hello Claudio,
Merci pour la photo du sorcier (je ne l’ai pas vu hier).
Tu m’as noté dans ton log sur 40m CW, mais je n’ai pas activé le 40m cw. Nous avions 1 seule station et c’etait Leopold en SSB sur 40M.
Il y a trois autres stations dans le meme cas: OE6GND DC8YZ HB9AGH
Vous avez contacté HB9CEV/P
Gerald F6HBI

C’était HB9CEV/P sur 7.03044 :wink:

Merci Eric! J’ai edité mon post. C’est curieux cette confusion

Non c’est Chris qui t’a spotté par erreur :slight_smile:
J’ai corrigé sur SOTAWatch et après il a supprimé le spot :+1:

Merci pour l’explication. Se méfiér des spots! HI
Je vais corriger mon log