23-24.June --- on tour!

hi friends,

the next two days i´m on tour in the black forest and swabian alps.
will do some summits if wx stays ok .will try to do only first activations.
but signal strenght is maybe lower as “normal”.
will do sota and walking/running these days. that means i can´t carry
a mast or big slabs. so qrp again with my long longwire :slight_smile: and qrp.

qrg´s as spotted on spotlite then, that means in that order i send it
…>…>…- if too much qrm i spot an other qrg or call up or down 5.

in the last time i was a bit more active due to that i found a new ,interesting for me, hobby. i work normal one day late and one day early.
in the morning-work weeks and by nice wx i do some sports and sota in one time,but can´t carry big rigs with me then,and also no fiber-mast.need my
hands at the walking poles :slight_smile: most used rigs are the k2 or my homebrew speaky.
both can produce >10watt in mostly a longwire in the trees. but with a good
techniqe i can hang it up abt. 15-20m in the trees .last activations i run
only 5watt in a 80m-longwire with a z-match at high-z feedpoint.

another info : at weekdays i have normaly enough time on the summits
but like very much the fast qso style at the beginning on 40m-cw.
at DM/BW-252 i try´ed to work in qrs at abt. 18wpm. and the result was
that after the activation i had over 100 qso´s in my log with many new ones
i never worked before.and that as a qrp-station with a lw. may it was the qrs
that produces many new ones !? but the “funny” thing was , that also qrq-stations and regulars called me then in qrs. thats ok, but you can also call qrq.
i made the qrs calls only for beginners and new ones. all other station can call me qrq ! no problem :wink:

qro maybe again in august.but only at weekends.
it is a very good feeling after a 10h working day walk on a summit and
have hamradio-fun.what can be better to relax as a nice walk and enjoy a
pile-up ?

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

who is in holiday this week in my home-area black-forest and swabian alps.
hope see some of you on the hamradio in FN . i be there at friday…

In reply to DF2GN:
Hi Klaus ! Just back from Paris and in holidays this week… but too far ! HI. So I’ll try to work you, and maybe from a new SOTA again too if I’m not at the beach ? :wink:
Enjoy your holidays.
Vy 73 de Chris F8DZY.

hi all,
now i´m back from bw-228. it seems i have made qrt too fast. wx stays ok.
sorry for the callers who are not in my log,but i think most regulars are in it.
but after 4 thunderstorms in 2007 i have live on a summit i have no good feeling
at such wx-conditions. no good feeling to sit under a longwire on the highest
point on a summit by a thunderstorm. so, sorry for the fast qrt,but if the wind come stronger and fat clouds growing up i make qrt in future,because it takes
time to set down antenna and walk to the car. difficult to say wx stays ok for 10min or 2 hours in the summits.
and wx forecast says big thunderstorms with hail comming today and tmrw.

info for steve,mick and mike-
wx forecast says at wednesday wx comes fb with sunshine…

maybe i´m later or in the evening on another local summit , dm-bw-449 if
wx ok.

so sorry,but i think at the end of the week there is more time for sota and
make my black-forest tour

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

hi all,

just a info for the chasers who don´t see there callsign in the log on the
database.today a few times i call a station in the pile up with callsign es rapport,and become answer es rst from 2 ! stations . in this case i call every time again with rst and CFM “CALLSIGN” TU. so make sure its your call i reply.
due to this is, that one of the station that call me with rst and says 73 tu
is not in the log, sri ! mostly happend by weak,qsb,qrn-conditions.

by the way, i see today by uploading the logs that i made my 14000 sota-qso
on DM/BW-245 . so my next milestone, the 15k-qso mark is not far away now .
thanks all callers to listen to my qrp sigs in moment !

vy 73 es cuagn

Klaus DF2GN