220 MHz QSOs

I was just looking closer than I normally do at the SOTA database and noticed that the 220 MHz band is included in the listings as well as the 900 MHz band.

On 220 MHz 18 EU chaser stations have claimed to have made QSOs. No USA stations have logged contacts een though it is legal to use that band in USA.

The EU stations claimed to be active on 220 MHz are:

1 M3LIU 4 18 4.50 View
2 G4JZF 2 10 5.00 View
=2 HB9DAX 1 10 10.00 View
=2 HB9HAT 1 10 10.00 View
=2 OE6WIG 1 10 10.00 View
6 G1OAE 1 8 8.00 View
=6 S56IHX 2 8 4.00 View
=6 S52OA 2 8 4.00 View
9 S57TI 1 6 6.00 View
=9 S56RPJ 1 6 6.00 View
=9 SM7BUA 1 6 6.00 View
=9 M6AMO 1 6 6.00 View
13 M0BQD 1 4 4.00 View
14 2E0BTR 1 2 2.00 View
=14 DL8DXL 1 2 2.00 View
=14 M0GIE 1 2 2.00 View
17 GW4EVX 1 1 1.00 View
18 S51ZG 1 0 0.00 View

It could be that some EU stations have access to 220 MHz but in the UK the use of this band is not permitted.

I also noticed that two English stations and one Slovenian chaser station have logged QSOs on 900 MHz. These are G1OHH G1KLZ and S57JJ. Isn’t 900 MHz a CB band?

No activator has logged contacts on either of these two bands I noticed.

73 Phil

In reply to G4OBK:

Phil, If you check Graham’s (G4JZF’s)entry for 20 Sep 08 on 220MHz against the claimed activator’s log (M0JDK) you will find that the contact was on 144 MHz.

I suspect that Graham has suffered the same problem that I have had on the odd occasion when using the drop down menu in the add chaser entry sceen. If you are using a wheel mouse and accidently touch the wheel, the band changes without you noticing it. I always check my chaser log after entering a new entry, just in case I have had finger trouble.

73 Tony G8BVJ

In reply to G4OBK:

Hi Phil,

902MHz to 928MHz is a valid amateur band in the US.


Mark G0VOF

In reply to G4OBK:
Hi Phil

I have checked my log and can’t find the entry you refer to but I assume it is as Mark points out it would have been a typo error, because I have no equipment that uses that frequency.



In reply to G1OHH:
Hi Sue

see 02/01/11 at 1255z, FM QSO with G6DDQ/P from G/NP004 logged as on 900 MHz

73 Graham G3OHC

In reply to G3OHC:
Hi Graham

Checked and sorted.


73 Sue G1OHH

In reply to G1OHH:

No problem - glad to help

73 Graham

In reply to G3OHC:
We all make mistakes, thank you for pointing them out.

73 Graham G4JZF