2024 10m Challenge starts 0000Z 01/01/2024

A reminder that the 2024 10m challenge runs runs from 0000Z January 1st 2024 to 2359Z December 31st 2024

Scoring for chasers:
For every unique activator you chase you get 1 chaser challenge point.
For every unique summit you chase on 10m you get a multiplier.
Your final score is chaser challenge points * multipliers.

Scoring for activators:
For every unique chaser you work you get 1 activator challenge point.
For every unique summit you activate on 10m you get a multiplier.
Your final score is activator challenge points * multipliers.

Certificates will be available.

If you are confused about the rules and who to work well it is very simple…

For chasers, chase every 10m activation, log it. Let the DB software figure out the score.

For activators, run 10m on every activation you do. Spot and call CQ and try to work SOTA chasers. But if there are none, work every 10m QSO you can and log them. Again, let the DB software figure out the score.

Andrew VK3ARR has put the results pages up on the DB. He made some comment that he didn’t like my SQL from the old 10/6m challenge, something about too may temporary tables. But I bet the SQL compiler is probably making just as many hidden temporary tables still in his revised code! :wink:

Have fun.


Activators, please don’t forget to try 10 FM as well as the normal modes.

73 Ed.


I’ll restrict myself to 10m SSB, CW, FM, FT8, AM, FT4, PSK31, RTTY, PSK63, JT65 and SSTV. Other modes don’t really interest me TBH.


FB Tom - it gives the likes of me more chance of a QSO!

Are chaser multipliers separate from activator multipliers or is there really only one type of multiplier?

Yes. No.


So what’s wrong with Olivia, VARAC and FreeDV?

Not so! The more modes you cover, the less time on each mode, or the fewer summits covered in an outing!


This was a comment from a Chaser Brian, I was not speaking as an activator


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Yes, Phil, I took it that way. My point was that the opportunities for a chaser diminish as the activator spends less time on each mode or does fewer summits to accommodate time on more modes. This would be particularly harmful for a chaser on a day rich in activations, as it is I find all too often I spend time working an activation and moving to the next target I find he has already gone! Not a complaint, just a reality of chasing.

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Noted Brian - let’s hope our dreams come true and we get those rich activation days on 10 Metres in 2024 Brian!


If I was a praying man I would be on my knees begging for days with the SFI over 200! :grinning:

Love having another Challenge this year for SOTA! Thanks for organizing! 73, James WA7JNJ

Ok newcomer question: Am I right in understanding from the rules that i can activate summits in 2024, that i recently activated and get SOTA summit points again, along with the new 10m bonus points ?

So I can get sota points working off the effects of New Year’s Eve on G/DC-001 when I was up there yesterday….

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All correct

But they are not bonus points like the season (winter) bonus but an additional listing on the sotadata website.

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The points window is a full calender year. So you can earn points for G/DC-001 again starting on 1 January 2024. You can do it either in one go, activating early in the year to get 5 points or do it in two bites, getting 2 points for activating outside the winter bonus then going back at the end of the year to get the 3 points for the winter bonus.

The 10m points are, as Joe has said, entirely different to summit points.

And many thanks for the QSO yesterday. My first QSO with a new shack antenna. :slight_smile:


Thank you @OE5JFE @M0WIV, that answers it and now I have a New Year’s Day plan sorted with a chance to give 10m a try !

Appreciate the chase as well @M0WIV, I was very lucky with the WX judging by some of the other reports.

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I’m going to try Hellschreiber, also known as Feld-Hell (i.e. Bright in the Field) on 10 meters, so I’m bound to get some contacts. Right? … Anybody?..

I thought the same thing.

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This seemingly endless rain is forecast to take a breather during the day tomorrow so I hope to visit a local summit.

Only chasers that restrict themselves to one or two modes. For chasers that have capabilities with CW and Data, multimode activations surely increase the opportunities? I know I would be very relaxed sitting through an unruly pile-up if I knew that the activator would be moving onto FT8, where I’d probably get the QSO first or second call :wink: