2024 10m challenge - activation #2

I’m a popular lad as a lot of people have stopped by to see what I’m up to.

Similar to yesterday’s peak (W6/SC-369), Niguel Peak has great views and is surrounded by posh residences here there and everywhere.

Seeing how well the same 857D, BUddipole dipole and SurfaceGo fair today versus 24 hours earlier. Everyone’s back at work and propagation seems thoroughly variable.

11 voice and 8 FT8. I was less than enamored with FT8 years ago from and on a peak and its not exactly proving to be a game changer now. Maybe it’s my rig/audio combo as my home station seems to singalong on about the same power.

Above is looking west toward the Pacific Ocean.

Looking north at Temple Hills in Laguna Beach

Looking east and at a couple of 6 pointers in the Santa Ana mountains and our local Buddhist University in the foreground.

Fun time and looking forward to different radio/antenna combos including trying my 3 element portable Yagi on this peak at sometime in the future.