2023 W4 SOTA Spring Campout

Woohoo! Get ready for the Cinco de SOTA Campout! This will be our fifth annual W4 spring campout (I think we can just ignore the lack of a campout in 2020 :rofl:) and this year it will also take place during the Cinco de Mayo weekend! There just might be a theme for our Saturday night potluck dinner. Who’s bringing the Piñata?

Keeping with the trend of moving our spring campout around, we will be heading a bit further south on I-81 next spring. We will be staying at the U.S. Forest Service Stony Fork campground near Wytheville, Virginia conveniently located near the intersections of I-81 and I-77. You can even hike to Little Walker Mountain - W4V/WV-042 from the campground.

Dates: Wednesday, May 3rd - Monday, May 8th
Location: Wytheville, Virginia - Stony Fork Campground, George Washington & Jefferson National Forest - Recreation.gov

Like all of our W4 campouts, come when you can and leave when you have to. We encourage everyone to show up - activators, chasers and newbies. It is always a great way to take a deep dive into activating SOTA summits with so many experienced activators around willing to share the trail and summits with hams new to SOTA.


The window for reserving campsites opens up on November 12th, so mark that date on your calendar. I plan on reserving campsite 19 since I have been there before and know that it will work for my hammock.

For some reason, except for the USFS topo maps, the campground loop is never depicted correctly on maps. Use this image for a better map of the loop.


It is time to make your reservations! The window for reservations opened up at 10 am this morning. Many of the campsites are still listed as first come-first serve but still plenty to reserve at the moment. There is a fairly large contiguous stretch of campsites available (40s) and we have at least two of them reserved already.

73, pat - ww4d

Snagged #9 w/electric at 10 am EST. April 30 - May 9.

73 Paula k9ir

I’ve got site 49 Wed 5/3 until Sun 5/7

Excellent! I saw that it had been reserved and figured it had be part of our group!

Wow! Reservable campsites are going fast! Still 7 campsites left until total SOTA domination!

Here is what I have so far for reservations:

7 | Walt - KK4DF
9 | Paula - K9IR
28 | Jamie - AA4K, Carlos - KB4CO & XYL
34 | Allen - AG4VA
37 | Bob - K4RLC & Alanna - K4AAC
43 | Bob - AC1Z & Karen, KO4LIT - Dee
44 | Tim - N9PUZ
45 | Scott - NZ4R & Jeanette
46 | Andy - N4LAG & Debbie
47| Roy - WN3F
48 | Pat - WW4D
49 | Michael - N4DCW

Am I missing anyone? I can accommodate another tent/vehicle on my site if anyone wants to share.

73, pat - ww4d

There is also a small cabin for rent at the campground if anyone is interested.

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Mark (AE1MS) and I (AE1JS) snagged site #32. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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just reserved 21 mike kc5bg

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Here’s the latest list of campsites with a few changes. Chris - WE4H has moved into campsite 44 and has space for another camper or two if anyone is looking.

Campsite Activators
7 Walt - KK4DF
9 Paula - K9IR, Tim - N9PUZ
11 Ariel - NY4G
16 Ron - NR3E & Patrick - NE2P
21 Mike - KC5BG
24 Scott - N4AAJ & Betsy - TBA
28 Jamie - AA4K, Carlos - KB4CO & XYL
32 Mark - AE1MS & Jean - AE1JS
34 Allen - AG4VA, Dean - K2JB
37 Bob - K4RLC & Alanna - K4AAC
43 Bob - AC1Z & Karen, KO4LIT - Dee
44 Chris - WE4H
45 Scott - NZ4R & Jeanette
46 Andy - N4LAG & Debbie
47 Roy - WN3F
48 Pat - WW4D, Al - N4EII
49 Michael - N4DCW

73, pat - ww4d

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22 weekends away! Giddy up!

giphy (1)

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I plan to be there. Hopefully, site 42 will still be available.


Good morning W4 -

I’d like to join in this campout. If anyone has room for a single person/ single tent let me know. I’ll find some yummy food/drink to share.

Looking to arrive Thursday afternoon and head out Sunday afternoon.

TU 73 EE


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Another Spring W4 campout is in the books and it was a great one! We had nice, warm sunny days for activating and cool nights for camping for the majority of the weekend. We didn’t have the greatest condx on HF but with ~35 folks out activating there were no shortage of S2Ss. We had lots of new folks this year in addition to the usual suspects representing the W4G, W4C, W4T, W4K, W4V, W8V, W8O, W9 and W2 Associations.

As always, we usually pass several milestones during these campouts and hear a few from this year.

  • Two New Mountain Goats - Congrats to Dee - KO4LIT and Michael - N4DCW
  • Patrick - NE2P added a third Mountain Goat to his growing herd
  • Two freshly minted hams completed their first SOTA activations - Welcome to the madness Betsy - KQ4IBL and Debbie - KQ4IAM
  • Mitch - KN4ONH completed his first SOTA activations
  • We had at least 4 or 5 first activations of summits in the area
  • We also activated a bunch of summits that have not been in anyone’s logs for a long time

A big thanks to everyone that was able to attend and make this such a fun weekend as well as all of our chasers that help fill our logbooks!

73, pat - ww4d
p.s. we will be back at the Stony Fork Campground next spring and there plenty of first come - first serve campsites available all weekend.


Congratulations it was very successful! Many stations contacted and a perfect schedule from one day to the next.
73 Chris F4WBN.


Wow! What a week of chasing. You all wore us out trying to get as many of the activators as we could in our logbook. You really brought VA alive for those days of activating. Thanks for all the activation’s and fun chasing. Well Done!

Gary A. - W0MNA


Wow is right! 14 VA chases since the first of May. That’s probably more than I’ve gotten
in the previous 6 months. And under pretty poor condx from the west coast. Good work
boys and girls!
John, K6YK