2023 Oregon Eclipse SOTA Event | Mark your Calendars!

Hello, with the 2023 SOTA Campout wrapped up we have another event in the works. The 2023 Annular Eclipse hits the Oregon coast at 9:13 am on Saturday October 14th. South Eastern Oregon is in the path of Totality and two 8-point peaks will get hit: Drake Peak (W7O/CE-002) and Light Peak (W7O/CE-004). Both are easy hikes from the nearby forest road. We can split into groups and swap locations to get completes on both as well.

I plan to drive from Bend, OR Thursday Evening and grab a site at Mud Creek Campground This is a first come campground with a pit toilet and potable water.
If this is full then the two other closest campgrounds are Can Springs Campground and Twin Springs Campground.

There are also wild/dry camping in the National Forest and if you prefer more amenities: Oregon Outback RV.

Since the eclipse is expected to hit at 9:20ish, I plan to be up on summit many hours ahead of time to set up a camera and play HF.

Please RSVP either here or email timn7kom@gmail.com. Let me know if you will be needing Eclipse viewing glasses and I can do a bulk order if that makes sense.

I’ll be staying in the area to get more summits until Sunday afternoon.

73 de Tim N7KOM


Hey Tim, thanks for posting this! I’m definitely planning on going to see the eclipse, but not sure I’ll go all the way to SE Oregon - it’s a bit of a drive from the Seattle area. It’s possible I’ll just make it to Eugene, or maybe I’ll head up Mt. Thielsen (and we could S2S!), or maybe I’ll feel like driving and make it all the way to Drake/Light. No need to save a spot/eclipse glasses for me since I’m not sure of my plans yet, but just wanted to make my interest known :slight_smile:



Thielsen would be awesome!

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I wish you good luck with your solar eclipse activation event.

Many years ago I made an activation during a partial solar eclipse and tried to observe the influence of the eclipse on ionospheric propagation:
[Solar Eclipse 4th Jan 2011 - Old Reflector - SOTA Reflector]
(Solar Eclipse 4th Jan 2011 - #7 by DF3MC)

There are many reports of changes in the ionosphere during the occultation.

And always: A solar eclipse is just spectacular!


A thread was started on this topic back in March of this year, and a set of coordinates delineating the corridor of totality was posted there:

These coordinates can be loaded into the sotamaps range page and, for those with an interest in such matters, a complete listing of every valid SOTA summit to be found in the corridor of totality can be generated.

Just FYI…

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