2022 Exploring and Lessons Learned | Bears & offroad safety, new HT's and 2m filter...

Continuing to Learn & Explore are a few of my goals, and 2022 provided many opportunities for both while activating 21 SOTA summits and 10 POTA parks! Due to summer sickness and vehicle issues with both car & SUV, there was a bit less exploring than prior years. )-: It was still fun to activate 3 new SOTA summits and 3 new local POTA state parks! After activating summits for the last 4 years, enjoyed celebrating my 100th unique summit along with being past halfway to a SOTA Goat. A few lessons learned this year included bear & vehicle safety reminders, trying new HT radios, the importance of a 2m band pass filter & a good headlamp when hiking in the dark, and excitement about the bands improving for this solar cycle.

Hope you also enjoyed getting out to summits this year to play radio, and wishing you the best as we head into a new year! 73, James WA7JNJ