2021 Ham Radio Activity

As a user of Clublog - I upload my ADIF logs at least once a week - my timeline 2020-2021 for G4OBK shows a lower level of activity than last, although percentage wise the the modes I used in 2020 and 2021 are broadly similar. I use FT8 but its not killing the CW/SSB operating side of the hobby for me certainly. The scores do not reflect my activity this year in Scotland, Wales, Portugal and Spain. About Clublog

This year I did a little more HF DX work as condx improved, less contesting and less SOTA Chasing and Activating. I completed 68 activations between 14-04-2021 and 01-12-2021 and made 2641 SOTA Chaser Contacts during 2021.

One never gets bored as a SOTA Activator and Chaser!

How much did you do?

73 Phil G4OBK


Not me personally but as I had to do a bit of admin on the SMS spotter account I can say that a total of 8436 spots were made by SMS by users in 2021. I have not done a breakdown of UK vs US vs Iridium vs OE vs I vs EA numbers yet. I should really look and see how many spots were direct to complete the figures.


A good year for me portable 2021!
Thanks for highlighting the reports on Clublog.


Hi Phil, I don’t use Clublog, as I don’t really operate much from home, however I pulled this chart off of the sotamap resource. It’s the first time I’ve done this. Interesting!

Edit: Can you tell when lockdown ended and my lifepo4 battery arrived? :wink:


Hi all,

Well done for all these good results! :+1:

For my part 2021 I focused on the 60m, a new band for the French since 13/02/2020, and since this date 144 DXCC and many locators!

Rather see!

From the SOTA point of view during this time a great harvest!

Too bad the 60m bandlets do not correspond with some other countries (we can on 5.354 but it is hard to resize an antenna :rofl: or add a new TRX memory) and of course that some are not authorized like the VK and the JA …etc.

I have to find another solution to complete my last wishes (Sept. 2021)

Only one of the 10 needed G summit was done :thinking:

G/NP-023 G/NP-026 :white_check_mark: G/NP-027
G/SC-011 G/SC-013
G/SP-003 G/SP-010 G/SP-012
subliminal message in the air :wink:

Otherwise the 8000 unique summit have been exceeded before 31/12/2021 :+1:

Merci à tous les activateurs.

73, Éric

Edit :
Club Log DXCC Timeline



Hi Fraser,

Could you be a little more specific.
Where exactelly can you pull such chart?

73 Heinz

Login on Sotamaps and then go to Activations - list and display on map SOTA activations - sotamaps.org and select “Mapping”, “Time Charts” or “Stats Charts” and play with the drop down options.


Thanks! I found it.

  1. Nice to see how usage of bands 20m and above increased over the year 2021
  2. Guess which month I was on vacation with limited chance for ham radio!

Good Job! Thanks Andy for explaining more eloquently and efficiently that I would have. I can now go and delete my screenshots…

You don’t know how long it took me to figure out how to make it work :slight_smile:

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Interesting to see where and when my activity was.

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Hi Heinz,
You have a nice part of 60m band QSO’s :+1:
73 es HNY

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  • From an activating point of view:

51 activations in 2021 vs 48 in 2020.

A higher number of activations on 2021 w.r.t 2020 but a smaller number of QSOs:

Less 20/40m QSOs and more 30m QSOs on 2021 w.r.t. to 2020.

20m band represents 51.2% of my overall activity since I started activating SOTA.

CW keeps being my preferred mode with even more CW vs SSB on 2021 than in the previous year.

  • From a chasing point of view,

Nearly twice as many chaser QSOs on 2021 w.r.t. 2020:




I think it’s for chaser too :crazy_face:


My chart shows just how terrible November was for me, as I battled with illness and lots of schoolwork:

You can clearly see when I shortened my Windom to make it resonant on 30m rather than 40m:

Slightly less QSOs in 2021, compared to 2020, although more activations and points overal. Nice tool, thanks for the link.
73 de OE6FEG


Phil, Sorry for the unintentional hi-jack of your thread, however it would seem that I have stumbled upon and shared a little known resource, so all good for SOTA. :smiley:


Hi Eric,

You have a nice part of 60m band QSO’s :+1:

Yes, 60m has turned into a QSO bringer for me, even more so for S2S QSOs. I highly encourage other activators to include 60m in their activities. I use a dipole of 2x 17m and this cannot be deployed on all summits. 60m has its limitations, but wherever possible I use the “big” dipole.

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