2019 W4 Spring Campout May 1-6

Return to Roan Mtn!

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Dates changed to avoid Mother’s Day weekend

We will have our spring campout at Roan Mountain State Park again this year, but a couple weeks later this time (Wednesday, May 1st through Monday, May 6th). Hopefully, the nights won’t be so nippy and the days warmer.

Campground details from last year

Summit information from last year

73, pat - KI4SVM (already planning on which summits to activate this year)

Campout Attendees List

W4RIK - Rick - Campsite 7 Wed-Mon
K4LPQ - Patrick - Campsite 35
KI4SVM - Pat - Campsite 36 - Wed-Mon
WH6LE - Pete - Campsite 36
N4HNH - Doug - Campsite 38
KN4LFT - Wayne - Campsite 38
WG4I - Ryan - Campsite 38
KC4WZB - Joel - Campsite 38
KW4JM - Scott - Campsite 42 - Th-Sun
K2JB - Dean - Campsite 43 - Wed-Mon
NY4G - Ariel - Campsite 44 - Wed-Fri
K7EEX - Mark
WD4CFN - Cabin 6 - Fri-Mon

K2JB Site #43

KW4JM site #42

The campout has been rescheduled to the previous weekend (May 1st-6th) to avoid a conflict with Mother’s Day weekend. D’oh!

73, pat - KI4SVM

I’m thinking of making trip over from Arkansas, although I have another event I was planning on that weekend. How does it work, do people pick some summits each day and pair up or is everyone on their own?

Hi Bruce,

We hope you can make the trip! I think everyone has some sort of game plan for what summits they want to activate before they arrive, but plans are always open to changes. A lot of people plan multiple summits per day and there may be some overlap between different groups of activators. I think on one summit last year, we had three ‘shifts’ of activators on it at one point. My group was getting ready to head down, another was activating and a third had just arrived. I am sure you would welcome to tag along with pretty much anybody heading to a summit. Since this is just on the edge of normal operating range, I have a couple of longer hikes that I would like to do since I am reducing my travel time. Saturday will be the busiest day and it is something special to get up to a mountaintop and have a dozen summit to summits with multiple ops waiting for you! If you want to PM me your mailing address, I can add you to our email discussion list where more of the details and planning are discussed.

73, pat - KI4SVM

Just bubbling this topic up to the top… We are about two months out and there are still tent and trailer/RV campsites available at Roan Mtn State Park.

73, pat - KI4SVM

Just under a month till we gather again at Roan Mtn. We have a good group coming and there are a few more that I know are still on the fence. Plenty of campsites are still available. I can no longer edit the attendees post, but Paul-N1ZF will be joining us. Well, I guess we will be joining him since he will already be camped out at the state park for a few days beforehand.

73, pat - KI4SVM

Now I am staying Wednedday to Tuesday - staying an extra day

Ariel NY4G

As a chaser, this was a great event for me last year. I’ll be marking this year’s gathering on my calendar. Hope the weather and the propagation gods cooperate and everyone’s travel is safe. Maybe I can sneak in an activation during the campout period for some S2S action. GL and CU on the air.

Larry, K0RS

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We should have plenty of opportunities for chasing and it would be great to work you S2S as well. Only a couple more weeks to go!

73, pat - KI4SVM

Is anyone planning to activate Hump Mountain EM-003 during the Campout? I was looking at at Leo’s route - perhaps Leo can explain it better when I see him.

Ariel NY4G

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who braved the thunderstorms and made it to this year’s spring campout. Always a lot of S2S activity, a handful of completes for me and another new Mountain Goat (K4LPQ) achieved during our campout. We managed to stay dry for the most part and a really big thanks to Roan Mountain State Park for allowing us to use the pavillion for our group dinner on Friday night.

Till the next one, 73, pat - KI4SVM

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Thanks for posting the picture in full file size. I am adding it to my collection.

It was a great campout. Hopefully this fall, Liz will feel better still and we can stay for a few days.

73, Ron

a great event you all pulled off. It sure did a great job pushing me toward 30k chasing. Thank you all and it is great seeing Liz about.
Jack kb7hh

I see lots of ops I have worked but never met – sorry I couldn’t join you this time. Maybe next time, and perhaps see some at the SOTA forum in Dayton?
Scott WB8ICQ