2018 is a coming

To activate 6,8,10 point summits and not get shot by the XYL in the process.


Iceland is on my list for a NS1TA SOTA activation in 2018. Maybe a ten point summit this summer or early fall. As a geologist, I have a keen interest in visiting Iceland to see where the North American and European tectonic plates are spreading apart. HF propagation into Europe and NA should be interesting.


In 2018 I hope to get back into SOTA activating after a too long pause of nearly 4 months.
I think this will surely become true.

Much more unlikely though, but I’d also like to have the resources (technical, time, and money) to set up and get a remote station ready in my owned house in the village SouthWest of Pamplona so I can use it from the rental appartment in the city where I’m living in now.

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To activate all the summits of my region (EA5/CS), but i think 2018 will be short.Try on the summits other new bands for me.

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For 2018 I want to finish my Tahoe Rim Trail project (short by 15 summits) as well as finish activating at least 1 of every region in W6 and W7N.
Also chase/activate CW
Activate in EU on one of my many planned work/vacation trips.


To activate more peaks than I did in 2017.
To activate in new areas of W6 (California).
To activate in more associations.
To make some microwave QSOs from a summit.


Get up standard call
Get an antenna set up for home QTH chasing - possibly a mag loop as I am in an apartment
Add to my tiny DX collection of JA & ZL.

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First : A good health.
Second : To become a Mountain Goat. Only 300 points to go.

73 and cu. PA9CW, Tonnie.


Good luck Tonnie - you are nearly there but it always seems to take a long time to close the final gap.

I’d like a VHF/UHF fm SOTA contact (preferably a S2S!) in 2018 into Europe but this is particularly difficult as:
a) I’m usually operating in South Wales/Welsh border or considerably further north
b) I use a VX7R which is restricted to 5w and
c) I am usually too lazy/incompetent to use a beam with any success.

However everything is possible. I heard a French station when operating on Shining Tor G/SP-004 some years ago, a French station apparently tried to contact me when on a SC summit but I couldn’t hear anything and, more recently, when activating Ysgyryd Fawr GW/SW-016 (near Abergavenny) on 7 September 2016 there was a bit of a lift on. I heard both sides of a French conversation but I couldn’t contact them. However I did get a s2s with Great Coum G/NP-011(268km) and Cringle Moor G/TW-002 (309km) in the Yorkshire Wolds along with chasers in Hatfield and Camberley. This shows I’ve just got to be in the right place on the right day - and with someone listening at the other end. Chasers, please note, the activators need you! Thanks for your help.
Viki M6BWA


Mike (NS1TA)-

I was thinking of actually surprising my bride with a trip to Iceland this coming summer (depending on if they give me orders out of the National Capitol Region. If they don’t, this trip might be a possibility).

She had mentioned wanting to do a thru-hike of the Laugavegur, which is a 49 mile trek. There are several SOTA summits on that trail, too.

Nate N0PCL


An overnighter on a summit, with a very long activation including at least one QSO on each band from 160m through 70cm, with maybe some nice DX, plus some pleasant interstellar receiving in the 400-700nm band (a.k.a. stargazing).

There are numerous peaks in Arizona that would be fairly easy to accomplish this. But, XYL doesn’t like me to camp so this will be harder to achieve than it sounds :wink:

If the stars align, maybe I can do it on my MG summit which may happen in 2018.

Keith KR7RK


I hope to become the first Mountain Goat from the First State (Delaware, US).



To become more proficient with CW operation, to the point where I’m comfortable with a steady 15wpm ragchew-style QSO.



I want to stop buying extra radios. Bought 2 more this week… sigh…


That bucket will run out of room soon!

For me - I’ll settle for cracking 100 activator points. Stretch goal of picking up CW copy.

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make an s2s QSO across the pond on FT8 digimode.

Barry N1EU


If I had to pick one action, it would be to finish building my outstanding project - a portable 50w PEP HF amplifier kit which has been sat on the workbench for 6 months and it was bought as my existing (very much modified) Ramsey amplifier was on it’s last legs 6 months ago! The ramsey amp has since had two new power transistors and some other mods but it’s really “living on borrowed time”.


Simple. Get out more!

73 de Paul G4MD


Nate (N0PCL) - that sounds like an awesome trip!! I would be interested on how that works for you and any lessons learned as you will likely do that trip before I do (I anticipate late August). Keep me posted!
Mike NS1TA

To get to 100 uniques. And to 300 activator points by year end.