2013 NA SOTA day?

Anybody knows what’s the 2013 NA SOTA day dates?

Thanks in advance.

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There has been discussion about this on the NASOTA Yahoo group.


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Unofficial info received. Thanks.

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We are considering a weekend, rather than a day. Early September is likely. Standby for the drumroll.
Elliott, K6EL
Pushy Dude

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Consider having it the same weekend as the ARRL VHF contest. That just may give VHF a chance to get of the ground with SOTA…




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I thought that this was fully covered and a decision was made. For those wanting a single day, it is September 7. For those wanting a weekend, it is September 7-8.

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It is what it is. No problem with that.

Maybe next year we can make it coincide with the ARRL VHF contest which is the second full weekend of September every year. No impact on the HF band operations, and maybe extra VHF activity for free. A Rare Grid from a SOTA Summit could be the perfect combination to spur some VHF action.

tnx Phil



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Unfortunately, you’ll end up in the middle of the WAE SSB contest.

This have been discussed over and over in the NA yahoo. I am all fine with the first weekend.

I was just looking for the date. Any debate on this should be done where it belongs, namely, NASOTA yahoo group. But thanks anyway.

73 all.