2010 CW Table

I, like several others on here, submit a weekly (or thereabouts) update to John G3WGV’s UK CW Table. I noticed with horror that so far in 2010 I have a grand total of 12 DXCCs worked on 80m CW!

Hence on Friday morning, my SP-015 activation will be on 80m CW with a view to picking up some of the obvious ‘missing’ ones - like GW, GM, GD, GI, PA, SM, OE, OZ etc. If any chasers fancy getting up early to give my 2010 80m tally a much-needed boost, it would be greatly appreciated!

Once I have worked down the pile-up :wink: … I will QSY to an SSB QRG time permitting.

73, Tom M1EYP

Forgot to reference the UK CW Table by hyperlink!