200th activation from a little peak in Northumberland

The sunshine beckoned and I answered the call.

Sadly I failed to fulfill my goal of a complete for Gerald G4OIG but we tried.

New boots being broken in (or is it me being broken in?) just in case I need heavy duty ones for LD event this weekend.

Snaps, maps and no narrative …and per Ken’s (K6HPX) request I didn’t lean too hard on the trig point and its still standing.



You had similar WX to when I did it a few years back. It’s an absolute treasure of summit. Bit boring marching through the trees then out onto the moor and some splendid views for a wee hill. Well worth doing again.

Right on Andy!

This is one of the biggest draws of SOTA for me, in that I’ve been to so many peaks that I probably would never go to, march through some random countryside/wilderness to be confronted by a fabulous view.

What’s that MasterCard tag line…“priceless”?


Long Crag G/SB-008 was my 7th activation way back in 2006 and it remains my longest Non-Complete, closely followed by Houseden Hill G/SB-010. It is unfortunate that I wasn’t at the /A QTH today, but that’s life. Many thanks for the heads up anyway Paul.

73, Gerald


It’s on my list to activate soon.

PM me when you might be back in Northumberland.


I saw your spots and listened for you Paul but unfortunately nothing heard by me down here in southern Bavaria.

73 Ed.

Thanks for trying Ed.

Propagation definitely odd as I had contacts out 700 miles to Dresden (on 20m) and then 700 miles to HB9-land on 40m.


The vageries of conditions - your second 40m frequency had a great big carrier on it - you probably wouldn’t hear it and that station possibly didn’t hear you, but that’s skip distances for you! You’d be about 730 miles or 1175 km away from me - so about as far as the others but sometimes the signals just dont make it!

73 Ed.

Paul, Congrats on the 200 summits!