20 years of SOTA in a few graphs

Quite a success story…


Great info! Thanks!

What’s interesting is that we have over 10000 people on the SOTA Facebook page and getting more every day. I am one of the moderators over there.

Kent K9EZ


Thanks a lot Christophe, very interesting and good news to see the rise progress of SOTA scheme.
I’ll use these figures in the spanish Sota bulletin that I edit.

73 de Ignacio

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It’s great to see the Activators are most prevalent at chasing other activations as well. I assume the S2S chasing QSO score is included in the Activators chase scores. Keep up the good work folks.
vk5cz …


Thanks Christophe, amazing.

Nice to see I’m not alone !!!

Most intersting Christophe,
In simple terms I make it a growth of 5% per year, every year, for 20 years. Few businesses or activities can claim that.
I have been active for 11 years and had not appreciated the year on year growth.

Thank you

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I was preparing a few stats for the end of year and when my first piece of SQL said there had been 52000+ activations in 2022 which is around 142 activations a day I had to stop and repeat everything to make sure I was getting the right numbers.

I should have realised it by the size the DB backup files have grown to !

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A good reminder for me to donate some coin to the SOTA IT fund via the Shop donation page :+1:

And of course thanks to the visual summary

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Thanks for doing this interesting plots.
Any chance to do this also for single associations like DM?

73 de Michael, DB7MM