2 X first time activations on HF

Hi all, tomorrow I will be activating GI/SM-003 on 30/40 metres as GI4ONL/P. This is the first time this summit has been activated on HF. I will be QRP CW with 5 watts into a dipole. Frequencies: 7.030 & 10.120 +/- QRM
If time, (& daylight), is available I also hope to activate GI/SM-005 this will be the first time on any band for this summit.

My friend MI0JST/P will be on 2 metres FM & SSB from both locations however he will probably be limited to GI & GM but should be running 50 watts into a small beam so who knows!

We hope to be QRV around 14:00 and will try to self spot but this is dependant on GSM coverage. Both these locations are well exposed with no obvious shelter so I would imagine around 1 hour (or less) to be the maximum time on air.

In order to give everyone a fair chance of a contact I will only be exchanging RST etc. so please no long QSOs.

GI/SM-003 is in loc. IO64mt & the WAB sq. is H69 … GI/SM-005 is in loc. IO64nu & the WAB sq. is C70

Please post a reply if you think you will be hoping to contact us giving your preferred band, & callsign.

73 for now de Victor GI4ONL

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Hope to work you on 40m CW Victor
73 Roy G4SSH

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I will be qrv for you as well Victor.

Nick G4OOE

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Yes log me in as being around as well. Look forward to QSO

73 Kevin G0NUP

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I often work GI on the Tuesday night UKAC contests so I will listening for you on 2M SSB from IO93es. Good luck with activation and I hope all goes well.

73 Chris M0RSF

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Hope to hear you on 40CW. Good luck with the activation.
73 de Mike, Ei2CL

In reply to GI4ONL:Hope to find you on 40 or 30 mtrs cw. 73’s John (G4WSX)

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ve1wt will be listening

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Sadly no HF at present. Will be listening and hoping on 2m SSB from the Wirral peninsula!

Good Luck
Karen 2E0XYL

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Thanks for the replies everyone. We aim to be QRV 14:00ish and hope to be able to self spot.

MI0JST/P will start on SSB, (horizontal polarisation), beaming roughly ESE then SE so hopefully can work both G stations and he will try calling you both for the first 15 mins before beaming to GM.

GI4ONL/P will call those stations who have posted on here in the order of the replies several times before calling CQ. Please QSX +/- 5 kHz from 7.030.

73 (88) GI4ONL & MI0JST

In reply to GI4ONL:Thanks Victor for QSO with you on GI/AH2 & AH1. 73’s John

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Well thats an interesting day almost over. I’m totally exhausted, the climb to SM-003 was pretty hard work - near vertical slope of blanket bog in strong wind. The temperature at the top was just below zero and with the windchill I reckon it had to be around -10 so that may explain some of the poor CW. At one point I couldn’t feel my fingers despite wearing good gloves but they also contributed to loosing feel on the key! I just couldn’t believe the pile up and dare I say the poor operating from some of the continental stations. I apologise to those stations calling me at the end but I had to go QRT otherwise I would have had no chance of getting onto SM-005. As it was we walked most of it in the dark and set up the stations using head torches, however it didn’t appear to be quite as cold at least that’s what we thought until we started operating. Sitting on top of a mountain in the dark in subzero temperature trying to send good CW with thick gloves is less than the perfect scenario!
On behalf of MI0JST/P and myself can I say thanks to all those who worked us and made it a successful day.

So until the next time, and we are planning plenty more new ones, best 73 de GI4ONL & MI0JST (Victor x 2)

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I am amazed you activated SM-005 in the dark but well done to both of you. I missed you on SM-005 but I think I was your last contact on SM-003.

Your CW was fine. I find sending CW from a summit so much harder than from the comfort at home. I cant imagine how hard it is at -10C !!

Andrew, G4AFI

Well done both on an excellent effort. Yes, the SOTA chasers are VERY keen to work a rare GI summit, no doubt about that! I recall exactly how you would have felt when I activated Trostan GI/AH-001 back in 2008:


When I look back at that activation, I only worked 13 on 80m CW, so didn’t really do too well at all. I guess my slow CW at the time, and inexperience at managing a pile-up would have added to the frustration of the chasers!

Our next objective in GI is to complete the GI/MM Mournes region to add to the existing completions of the GI/CA County Armagh and GI/AH Antrim Hills regions. Then, at some point in the distant future we will make our first forays into the Sperrins (GI/SM) and South West (GI/SW) - I’ve heard both can be pretty boggy!

Keep up the good work,


Hi Victor,

Here is a list of unactivated SOTA summits in GI.


I hope this list is of interest to you. GI is a rare SOTA association and could do with some more SOTA activations.

Jimmy M3EYP