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2 Meter SSB in W1 USA?

I’m considering dragging along a measuring tape yagi on my next summit, but wasn’t sure if there were any 2 meter SSB chasers in the New England area. Anybody interested?

I always find 2M SSB very hit and miss in the North East. I would not rely on it as your only mode to activate. 2M SSB is so underutilised here. Since I’ve moved I’ve not had a chance to get my tower and 17B2 back up yet. If winter ever ends … it’s first on the list.
There are lots of 2M SSB operators, but finding them is the issue. When there is an opening the band is hopping, then they all disappear again.
Why not create some activity on 2M SSB and see how it goes … a measuring tape antenna is not too much weight :slight_smile:
Andrew - K1YMI
W2 Association Manager

I’m not really a big VHF/UHF guy, so the 2M SSB would be for a lark. My main thrust has always been HF, and will be for SOTA as well. Still, it seemed an interesting thing to try out. Having elevation and line of sight unlike my home QTH opens up some possibilities. Maybe I’ll look for local VHF 2M enthusiasts/net/etc and see if I can drum up some interest there. As you say, a measuring tape antenna isn’t much extra to drag along, and most of the peaks around here are 1-2 pointers, so I won’t need to hire extra Sherpas :wink:

If it’s the way things are in most places, getting interest from the 2m SSB operators is simply a matter of knowing how to contact them, ie. via non-radio means. 2m SSB operators typically will not be found via local FM repeaters. Some may be subscribed to a vhf mailing list, possibly one dedicated to ssb/cw/weak signal operations but also there are some who operate in field days, contests, as rovers or portable stations. I believe there are many such lists active in the USA. And in most cases they would be delighted to have a novelty such as a SOTA station on a summit wanting contacts.
The activity level on the weak signal end of the band is notoriously fading and any new activity is usually welcomed.

I’d encourage doing anything you can to make “contact” with the weak signal ops.

2m ssb with a small beam from a hilltop IS a lot of fun - you can surprise yourself with how strong the received signals are and conversely, how far you can work - usually much better than you can ever do with a 2m FM repeater. Like SOTA, weak signal VHF can be quite addictive and absorbing. The combination is a strong one!

Andrew vk1da/vk2uh