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2 elements on a 6459 ft tower

My back breaking 20m moxon has evolved into a fully portable 3.8kg lightweight version:

It absolutely rocks.

And a half wave loop (single band cobbwebb):

Very good results as well.

Tête Noire F/AB-427:

Mont Joly F/AB-257:

In reply to G6SFP:

Nice photos from Mont Blanc area Nigel !

Hope you enjoyed your F tour

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to G6SFP:
Hi Nigel

Sent you an email about your excellent Moxon but don’t know if it got through. Not sure if I got the wrong address or your spam filter caught me. My email is OK on QRZ.com if you want to let me know the proper address. Thanks…

73 Marc G0AZS