2 Activation's in the AM


I’ll be doing two activation’s in the morning with Derek WF4I - please work us both.

8:33am EST
W4C/EM-011, Sugar

W4C/EM-022, Grandmother

Sorry for the early times… but I have afternoon plans.

Drop me a txt if you want to be texted when we start.


"…Drop me a txt if you want to be texted when we start…"
And your number is?

Richard // N2GBR

Surely you mean “Sorry for the early time’s… but I have afternoon plan’s.” :smile:

Rob, you are joking, right?

Joking? Moi :pig: ? My suggestion was made purely in the interests of consistency - use grocers’ apostrophes everywhere, or nowhere. :roll_eyes::smirk::relieved:

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Ok. Grocers’ apostrophes are now routinely inserted by my stupidphone and I have to delete them.

It’s a sad deterioration in grammar.

For the benefit of puzzled readers, we are referring to the incorrect usage of apostrophes in plural forms of nouns. In correct usage, apostrophes are never used to make a singular word plural. Just add an s. Apples, radios, antennas, ideas, even acronyms such as ATMs.

73 (which means best wishes and is already plural so does not need any s)

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH