2.3 / 5.7 GHz OFDM 802.11 QSOs

Has anybody used 2.3 or 5.7 GHz OFDM (802.11n) for summit activation QSOs? I’ve used various panel and dish antennas (gain 11-18dbi) attached to a GRP pole for portable and bicycle mobile HAMNET coverage range tests now and then. I found out, that using this equipment for SOTA activations could be interesting. Direct line of sight and Fresnel zone clearance is required. Recommended to simulate QSOs prior to the activation using linktools like Linkstreckenberechnung. Any means of TCP/IP communications could be realised then. (Telnet, VoIP SIP, RTSP …)

I’m looking for field reports and chasers/activators in DM/HE (Hesse). S2S would be beneficial due to line of sight practicability.

vy 73
DK3CW, Jakob

Hi Jakob

I was involved in the initial setup and roll-out of HAMNET in HB9. HB/ZH-003, HB/ZH-010 and HB/AG-010 are all equipped with HAMNET nodes carrying 5.8GHz links & user access. We did some field trials to test some new links but never used it for a real SOTA-QSO.
BTW: most of my SOTA chassing is done via my remote cotrolled contest station and the audio/control signal travels on 5.8GHz from my home QTH to HB/ZH-010 and via HB/AG-010 to my remote K3.

73 de Domink, MW/HB9CZF - storm setteled but it’s still raining. Glad I was out in the Brecon Beacons NP yesterday :slight_smile:

Hi Dominik,

I’m involved in HAMNET construction and providing services (including Raspberry Pi SIP PABX with multi-user conference and client with phone patch to HF rig) over here as well. SOTA References with HAMNET Backbone in Hesse are DM/HE-001: DB0TAN, DM/HE-003: DB0HRF and maybe more. Preparing for HAMNET at DB0VE:

But according to SOTA-General-Rules 3.7.1 Criteria for a valid Expedition “10. QSOs via terrestrial repeaters do not count towards the QSO total. […]”. The HAMNET backbone must not be used for valid QSOs then.
I’m looking for some chasers / S2S activators in my area.