1st OE Activity Day struck by rainy weather

Hello Chasers,

We had a heavy downpour in the morning, right when Peter, OE5PGL, and myself were to leave for our planned activiation of Hochplett OE/OO-283. The forecast is “rainy throughout the day with occassional intense rain”. The weather seems to be better in the eastern part of Austria.

We decided to activate Buchberg OE/OO-117 instead. This summit is accessible on a forest road and can be accomplished in bad weather. If the weather clears up (which is unlikely), we will go for other summits in the afternoon.

I wonder what the other guys are doing…

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

In reply to OE5EEP:
Hello Heinz
WX forcast here near Vienna is a little bit better.
Sitting here at breakfast and will start in 20min.
I hope to activate 3 summits today.

best 73 hope to hear you de Tom OE/DL1DVE