1st October 2021 Association Uploads

Here are the SOTA association updates for 1st October 2021.


The main change for GW is the addition of GW/NW-078, Rhinog Fach.
Additionally there are a few minor tweaks and the addition of further Welsh names.


Two French summits, F/MC-170 and F/CR-334, have adjustments.


Summit EA7/GR-037, Alto del Tajo Tello, becomes EA7/MA-126.


VE7 gets 621 new summits this month, filling in the CL, CV, FV and GV regions. In addition there are fixes to VE7/TN-003, VE7/AC-004, VE7/CC-007, VE7/CS-003 and VE7/CO-024.


Our new association this month is PY4 – Brazil - Minas Gerais. Welcome to Franklin, PU4SKO. PY4 has 4058 summits.


Thanks to OK1CYC, Miroslav, who has taken on the AM role for OK and made corrections to the list:

  • 1 summit removed
  • 5 summits replaced
  • 2 new references added


Thomas, DB4LL, becomes Region Manager for DM/NW.
DM/BW-851 change of summit name.


Appreciate the updates - with thanks to all those who maintain summit accuracy and database - it must be a really thankless task, so thank you.


The big issue is if my day at work has been so dire that I have already been drinking since early afternoon because I have run out of mind-bleach from seeing what my junior colleagues are claiming is well structured and tested code and I am too tipsy to do the uploads. :slight_smile:

My chum in the nightmare that is the ONFI bus command Nand flash controller has just sent me this picture to describe what he has found in the lastest tested version(*) that has been committed.


* here tested means they ran the tests but it didn’t work but they have committed the code anyway :frowning:


It’s OK, the boxes are empty.

Hi Friends,

OK/MO-021 where my activation was the final one is replaced by OK/MO-074 where my activation was the first one today morning.
Many thanks to chasers for giving me huge support !
Many thanks to activators for S2S QSOs :wink:

I wish future activators more dry way to the summit :wink:

73, Jarek


Simon please correct UT/CA-286 summit name: Стригора (Stryhora).
and UT/CA-294- Байдюківка (Baidiukivka))

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Thanks Simon. Congratulations to the entire SOTA team.
Franklin PU4SKO
PY4 – Brazil - Minas Gerais.
Photos the summit PY4/BH-013, Serra da Piedade - 1751m