1st October 2019 Association Updates

There are no new associations this month (next month hopefully) but there are a few updates.

The first is in EA2, namely EA2/NV-101, Untzueko Harria. When Mikel, EA2CW, made his big update several years ago (which set the ball rolling for all our work since, using the EA LIDAR DEM) this summit was retired due to low P. Guru EA2IF brought it to my attention for further investigation. Turning to the raw LIDAR point cloud I found that here the DEM was not quite as it should be, and the summit meets P150 with a bit to spare!

We have a few other little tweaks but the association with a significant update is HB. Andy will be kept very busy updating lots of positions and elevations. We also have 3 retirements (mostly with replacements):

HB/GL-025, HB/TG-003 and HB/VS-180

HB/TI-025 is restored and there are 15 new summits:

  • HB/BE-175, Punkt 3388 beim Tieralplistock
  • HB/GL-049, Risetenhörner/ SĂĽdgipfel
  • HB/GR-376, Hinteres Plattenhorn
  • HB/GR-377, Punkt 3023 in der Ducan-Kette
  • HB/GR-378, Punkt 3000 im Piz Mezzaun- Grat
  • HB/GR-379, Piz Rugnux
  • HB/GR-380, Punkt 2870 (Maisas)
  • HB/GR-381, Piz de Trescolmen/ Nordwestgipfel
  • HB/GR-382, Sass Castel/ Ostgipfel
  • HB/SO-022, Punkt 1240 bei Walenmattweid
  • HB/SO-023, Punkt 1238 bei Zentner
  • HB/SO-024, Punkt 1074 bei Rotmatt
  • HB/TI-161, Punkt 2837 Filo di Revi
  • HB/TI-162, Punkt 2768 bei Campanile
  • HB/VS-265, Punkt 2990 beim Bättlihorn

Thanks to Guido, HB9TNF, and the HB team for their work on these.


Updates to Italy, Dominican Republic and Switzerland in place along with a position / height update to F/AM-441 and the re-addition of EA2/NV-101 now in place.

Italy changes are mainly summits being moved from one region to another. None of these summits had ever been activated so the old summit references have been retired and new summit references created.

Switzerland changes are listed above.

Dominican Republic changes are some new names and correcting dates which came out in ass-backwards and add some names. Also the start date of the association was wrong.

summitslist.csv on the old database (www.sotadata.org.uk) has also been updated. The same file on the newdatabase (newsotadata.sota.org.uk) will be updated within the next 24hrs but I’m not sure when exactly that happens.