1st October 2018 Updates

As with last month Andy has pushed lots of updates, mostly small, this time.

In XE2 we now have region SP.

OE has seen some name changes, and from the end of this month three retirements (OE/NO-040, OE/NO-116, OE/NO-288) and a new summit (OE/TL-058). Summit OE/ST-083 was reinstated, after being found to meet P150 after all.

9A has seen some name changes.

In TK we have new summit TK/TK-161.

A few to mention from last month’s update:

TF saw some name fixes and a position tweak for TF/NL-040.

EA1/AV-017 was retired (the correct ref for the intended summit is EA1/AV-031)

Welcome also to new RMs.

I’m sure I will have missed something…


Great: Mut(t)jöchle, OE/VB-335, has finally received its second “t” in the name, and this is not a small update, hi. Beside that a nice souvenir of this year’s SOTA summer. Thanks!


Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

What a difference a second “t” makes :slight_smile: . I thought nobody would notice :clap::rofl:. We realised its proper name when we activated it this summer. However, I must admit that it shows up without a second “t” in some maps.
We had several name corrections this time…

73, Sylvia

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Järve ES/ES-004 was added to Estonia this February. Like a few summits in SOTA, it is an old mining waste tip. Once these are no longer active tips and work is underway to landscape them so they look like mountains, they can be added to the SOTA scheme. There are such summits in G, ON, DM off the top of my head and probably more.

Unfortunately we thought this was no longer being used as a tip and active landscaping was under way which was why it was added. Sadly this is not the case and the summit is still an active tip although the lower levels have been landscaped but this maybe more to stop collapses/landslides etc. This makes it extremely hazardous for people to activate due to large dump trucks and also the nature of the waste. It has been removed from the SOTA program.

In the time since it was added in February 2018, it has grown by 1.5m which shows how much tipping is occurring each day.

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Thanks, Sylvia.

By the way, when is your next naming round? I can suggest this time to cancel a single letter from T[r]afamunter Augstenberg. I’ve seen only an alternative with “v” instead of “f” but none with an additional “r”. The SOTA summit provides the only Google findings for the spelling with “r”. I think that Peter and you should verify this locally and consider any possible local advice from Herbert.

The HB association faces problems of another wavelength: summits with names in several languages and/or idioms, their sequencing, the correct usage of spaces to separate them and the recent evolution in correctly writing down idioms, This could be discussed on one of the next OE5 SOTA Days, hi.

73, DIZ