1st November 2019 Association Updates

This month we have two new associations in Brazil.

PP2, Brazil - Goiás

Welcome to Maikel, PP2MS.
755 summits

Map Data: © OpenStreetMap Contributors, SRTM | Map tiles: © OpenTopoMap

PQ2, Brazil - Tocantins

Thanks to Pedro, PR8ZX, who is already an AM, for PR8, for volunteering for PQ2 as well.
374 summits

Map Data: © OpenStreetMap Contributors, SRTM | Map tiles: © OpenTopoMap

Since Andy MM0FMF is away on business at the end of October he’s not actually going to be able to upload these two in time for their start date. This means the system won’t recognise them as valid right away. But if anybody does make an activation from the 1st-November start date it will count, just as soon as everything gets loaded. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Yes, apologies for not being able to do this. It’s a case of the data wasn’t verified and finalised before I left and not being able to run the tools on this laptop I have with me.

I was able to run an update on VK3 and Andrew @vk3arr will be able to give the full details.


There’s also an update for VK3 as Andy mentioned. In total, 75 new summits, 11 summits that have moved and consequently have a new reference, 3 retirements, and 1 points update (due to incorrect height recorded for summit). The retirements and points update missed Andy’s uploading and will be sorted when he gets back. They are all fairly remote so it is unlikely anyone will activate them in the coming few weeks.

The majority of new summits are in the far east near the border, but there are some newer ones closer to Melbourne, and a bunch more for those of us west of Melbourne. I will be out November 1 to be claiming one of them, alert already posted :slight_smile:

The PP2 and PQ2 associations have now been upload. Still a few tweaks and fixes to do for VK3.

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