1st May 2019 Association Uploads

It’s quite a light list from me this month, but we have one new association:

W0I, Iowa

Thanks to Keith, KE1THA, for taking on the AM role. Iowa is less mountainous than most other States, and even at P100 we have just two summits.

In preparing material to display at our NARSA Rally in Blackpool, England, I made a map of new summits we’ve added over the last 12 months. The total is 11160 new summits.

Map Data: © OpenStreetMap Contributors, SRTM | Map tiles: © OpenTopoMap

We’ve got thousands of summits in the pipeline. Summits Team and local participants have eyes on maps for each and every one of these. So expect similar numbers over the coming 12 months.

Latest counts of valid summits

  • All 128852
  • Europe 29857
  • North America 67434
  • South America 3560
  • Africa 7290
  • Asia 10522
  • Oceania 10531

for all to leg pain

Darn you all!! I have a trip planned next autumn to the Pacific Northwest of the US, whereafter I would have had a clean sweep of all the associations in the Lower 48. Now you add W0I Iowa!! So that means an extra trip sometime. And are there other surprises wrt North American associations awaiting me???

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I think that is all the possible associations for the US now Paul. Nothing for Florida unfortunately, ISTR the biggest summit there is only 70m ASL so it fails P100.

I did find a big potash mine in Florida. If they keep digging and pile it all high enough, given a couple of decades to consolidate / stabilize we might eventually be able to add a P 100m summit. :slight_smile:

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What about Kansas, that doesn’t have an association yet, is it the same situation as Florida where even P100 isn’t possible?

Jimmy M0HGY

Indeed what about Kansas? Well its tallest mountain, Mt. Sunflower at 1231m has a prominence of 6m (six) and Colorado Heights at 491m manages 76m prominence. So as I said, I do think we’re done with new associations in the continental US. Maybe some islands here and there to do.

I thought that would have been the case Andy, so looks like no more associations are possible im the USA except for any islands.

Jimmy M0HGY