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1st May 2018 Association Updates

This month we have another new Canadian association starting. @VA4SR

A big welcome to Craig, VA4SR, who is taking on the AM role for VE4 Manitoba. That’s another big chunk of Canada, albeit with not so many summits in this one!

[VE4 starts today, but Andy hasn’t got it through the uploader just yet.]

We’ve got a few more tweaks and corrections happening, with more updates still in the pipeline for the coming months.


Just had a look at the new association and found a little mistake:

It shows active from 2017 instead of 2018 …

73 Martin, OE5REO

Ticket raised for Andy @MM0FMF :grin:

Ticket lowered :slight_smile:

Thanks Andy and Martin

Recent changes include:

VE4 uploaded
KP4 AM changed
ZL8 regions notes
EA7 bonus scores updated
W7M RM changed

We are running a process of continuous improvement with many detail fixes being made. What this means is you should check the summit status before you set off to ensure it is still valid or has not moved a little! Typically summits being invalidated are dupes of existing summits or border dupes.

At the border of OM / OK
OK / ZL-003, ZL-006, MO-054.
They have been canceled.

Miro OM7SM

Yes, they were dupes. The reference OM/TN-012 has been removed, there is still a valid summit there but it has an OK reference. You can still activate the summit, but you cannot get double points any more.

Likewise with 3 OK summits, the OK refs have gone but there are still 3 OM summits to activate in the same place.