1st May 2017 DB updates

As spotted by Luc @ON7DQ we have a number of changes to EA6, with some new summits and some repositioned old ones. Do check your refs. We also have some changes in VE1 and TK and a few corrections elsewhere.



For North American, we had the following updates:

Database updates:

  1. W4V - correct conversion to meters from feet. Full upload of all Regions.
  2. W5A - Add two new peaks plus conversion to P150m. Full upload of all Regions.

New ARM Docs to Upload:

  1. W4V - ARM update correcting the meters to feet conversion.
  2. W5A - ARM update for change to KD5ZZK as AM, new “standard” verbiage for Final Access, P150m, etc.
  3. W1 - ARM update for new “standard” verbiage for Final Access, P150m, etc.

Work-in-Progress: W5N, W5O, and W4C will be full updates of Summit Lists and ARM docs. Scheduled for 1 June.

Hi Simon, where should I send my finished VE1-ARM.pdf? Had a hard time working with .pdf to .doc software as none would not translate without formatting errors. I think it’s all good now.

Hi Paul.
Just send me the file by email please.