1st March 2018 Association Updates

Well, my head’s in a spin trying to get stuff ready at the last minute! Why do they make February so short?

Anyway, I hope to announce a couple of uploads later, once they are confirmed. There are a few small updates being processed too…

Simon, G4TJC

Andy has been busy on uploads this evening…

New Associations

3Y Bouvetøya (Bouvet Island)

It turned out to be just a single summit

Aage, LA1ENA, is the AM (it’s a Norwegian dependency)

TI Costa Rica

Welcome to Allan, K3ALL/TI
This does look like a great spot - lots of volcano-activating opportunities!


Amongst the updates being processed are a few for G and YU. There are a few more to follow.


E7 Association Reference Manual?

Zaro is reminding me I forgot about his update! :wink:

Roger OK, via mail will go 73!!

Hi Simon, I think the upper level E7 information page needs a few changes as well:

I don’t think the association started 1st. January 1900 and the overall Association Manager is shown as a comma. Zaro is shown as the Manager for the two regions listed lower in the page (Is Zaro also AM or is the position not yet filled?).

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The associnfo is blank for E7 as it has never been updated. Once updated the missing data will percolate through.

Thanks Andy.
I thought it might be something like that.

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Om s, we working about update, and new one, in this year, later, will be a huge, with a lot new sotas, about 500 new…

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