1st June 2020 Association Uploads

Our main update this month is to ZS, South Africa.

Here we have 156 new references, 7 retirements and 1 reactivation. We also have 586 names given to previously unnamed summits.

Please note also two corrections to summit regions.

  • ZS/MP-062 becomes ZS/LP-598"
  • ZS/NW-002 (Kleinlosberg) becomes ZS/GP-026 (preserving activation history)

We also have a little bit of tidying up of some errors/omissions from previous uploads and a few RM changes.

A few EA1 fixes, name changes were done. Also a number of the new EA1 summits that started on 1-may-2020 were entered as 1-may-2019, these have been fixed.

The Winter Bonus for Scotland has changed slightly.

The bonus period for Scotland has been 1st-December to 15th-March since the association began. The Scottish national day is St. Andrew’s Day which is celebrated on 30th-November and can be taken as a Public Holiday since 2006. The Scottish bonus start has been moved forward one day to allow for anyone wishing to take this day as vacation to also go an activate and earn bonus points. The Scottish bonus end has also been moved forward one day so the total bonus period remains the same.

The bonus dates are now 30th-November to 14th-March inclusive.

Also updating on 1st of June is the Association Manager role in the VK1 association. Andrew VK1AD has been doing a fantastic job in the role but has decided to step back for younger blood to take over. As such we welcome Wade @VK1MIC to the role. The MT thank Andrew for his contributions as AM over the past few years.


Hello, Thanks for the job.

I have an issue when updating the summits list in my logger.
When i download the summits list from here:
the file looks troncated and the last reference is PP2/CG-024.

Any info about that?
Gerald F6HBI

Hi Gérald @F6HBI
Are you using Saisie-Sota ? You have to upload the last update V16.0.0.0
73 Éric
Yes you are right last Ref on the list PP2/CG-024 !

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Also manually downloading the file in the browser has the same effect.

Sorry for the off-topic in that announcement.

73 Joe

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Helllo Eric,
Yes Saisie-Sota, my favorite whitch, last version 16.0, has an issue with the MY_COUNTRY TAG in ADIF file.
Alain has worked on a new update that solve this issue.
See you from summits may be tomorow!
Gerald F6HBI

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This is fixed now.


Well done!
Update is ok in logger Saisie-Sota.