1st June 2018 Association Uploads

It’s that time again. Here’s a summary of some recent database updates…

  • EA1 / EA4 border dupes were fixed. So if you think your summit has and EA1 ref and an EA4 ref check again! (We think these were the last border dupes - if you know better please tell us)

  • TI - a whole bunch of summit names we missed initially have now been added

  • HB - there were several new summits added and some retirements. These summits have been reinstated: HB/SG-019, HB/SG-021, HB/SG-055

  • VE7 - a good crop of new summits, especially for VE7/FV and VE7/GV, but VE7/OS-004 has been retired

  • LUD - this is the first (of many) SOTA association for Argentina, covering the Province of Buenos Aires. Welcome to AM Marcelo and many thanks to Alejandro and the rest of the LU team.

Andy had to catch a plane, so there are a few more updates queued up for him on his return:

New association JX - Jan Mayen. Welcome to AM Leif, LA3DNA, and his four summits - the most northerly so far in SOTA. It’s going to be quite a challenge even to get to JX!

Andy will also be pushing to the DB some more tweaks to EA4 and W5O.


If I was away for work I’d have a proper laptop so I could do the updates from anywhere. But I have my wee Win10 Tablet and it doesn’t have the memory to run all the tools. And anyway… update the DB or drink the wonderful local beer? Exactly, you didn’t even have to think about that question!

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Adding to Andy’s workload after he’s done with sampling the local brews is, apparently, a bit of an issue with some HB summits. A few of the new summits seem not to have made it onto the database, along with a couple of name updates. What’s more, depending upon where you look (sotadata or the main site) you may conclude that the whole of HB/SG has evaporated!

Well, Andy says not to worry, and he will fix any problems when he gets home. :crazy_face:

Oops butter fingers. I’m sure it was something I did or didn’t do and will be an easy fix as soon as I return home. So please keep any HB logs you cannot enter safe until the summits reappear.

I should really keep a low profile but what’s the chance I’ll meet anyone from the HB association over the next few days…oh hang on!

73 Andy DL/M0FMF

Don’t worry Andy, we know that you’ll manage that. Simply take a look from Friedrichshafen over the Lake of Constance - they are still there and have not disappeared into any type of black hole. The SOTA hole is simply said far too small for that, hi.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB/LU-9DIZ

I think this summit data evaporates from time to time as a form of Hawking radiation!:wink:

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