1st June 2017 Association Uploads

Andy is busy doing his database magic right now getting things ready for our 1st June updates.

This month we have several new associations starting, along with some of the typical tweaks we bring in each month.

As usual I’ll detail a couple I’ve been guiding through and the other guys will follow up with information on some of the others.

So, our first theme is expansion in the Americas, northwards and southwards!

New Association VY1 Yukon

Welcome to our new VY1 AM, Scott, VY1CO

Now Yukon is big, very big. So we’re starting off with a patch around the Provincial capital, Whitehorse:

It looks like a lovely spot. We’re giving you 310 summits to start out. When we expand westwards there will be thousands more!

New Association CX Uruguay

Our first association in continental South America (so, other than VP8) is Uruguay. Please extend a welcome to the CX team headed by Daniel, CX1FU, and Richard (Ron), CX2AQ.

We’ve got three regions across the country, but handily the majority of the summits are towards the capital, Montevideo.

There will of course be other South/Central-American associations to follow.

There’s more to come for 1st June though. I’ll leave Christophe to tell you about some new French associations and Guy has been busy busy with work in W-land.

Loads more happening behind the scenes. Expect more big updates in Europe over the next few months.

Stay safe and 73,
Simon, G4TJC - Summits Team


Robert @F5HTR and his team kept working this month on the continuous improvement of the French summits data (mainly summits coordinates, elevation, name, etc.).

Robert also accepted to act as the Association Manager for two new Associations until a local OM is willing to take over the role: FG (Guadeloupe) and FH (Mayotte). The new summits data will be visible on June 1st.

Aage @LA1ENA also worked this month on the continuous improvement of the Norwegian summits data (mainly summits coordinates, removal of duplicate references, deletion of summits with insufficient prominence and addition of a new summits).

I take this opportunity to encourage all activators to report to the Association Managers any possible improvement to the summits data based on information they gather when preparing their activations and when going on site.

See Summits on the Air for details.

Hello what about FM?
73 Gerald

Hopefully next month…

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The naming of the Canadian associations was not regular, not all mentioned Canada and some only Canada and not the province. They all follow the format “Canada - ProvinceName” now. I’ll revise Spain and the USA to ensure they too are consistent.


NA USA Association Updates for 1 June

We are pleased to announce the following:

Pat, KI4SVM, has accepted the role of AM for W4C after the recent resignation of Rich, N4EX. Pat is very active in SOTA with 54 Activations in the last 12 months and a 2x Mountain Goat with 2297 activation points. Congrats Pat! The updated W4C ARM and summits list is scheduled for 1 July.

Thanks to Rich, N4EX, for bringing W4C - Carolinas into NA SOTA!

The new summits lists for W5N - New Mexico (KT5X new AM) and W5O - Oklahoma (W5ODS new AM) are scheduled to launch 1 June.


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In Asia, we have one update, a fix of a summit in HL South Korea that had an incorrect longitude.

Another little fix was applied to SM where a couple of duplicate summit codes (SM/JL-088 and SM/VN-031) have been removed. So please be sure to use the remaining, correct codes (SM/JL-015 and SM/VN-032 respectively) when you activate these summits. Also we moved SM/JL-124 back to Sweden! :slight_smile: