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1st December 2019 Association Updates

This month brings us another new LU (Argentina) association:

LUQ - San Luis

LUQ sits between LUM and LUH - we’ll get more of LU filled out over 2020.

A big welcome to our new ops in LUQ!

XE2 Mexico - North

Not new, but filling out to full coverage of all the XE2 states. The number of summits is vast!

Greetings to XE2 ops.


We have some updates to VK3.

EA1 is at the start of a big update cycle. For now this just means moving existing summits to more accurate positions.


That’s about 1000 summit repositions in EA1 uploaded. This means everyone intending to activate any EA1 summit should check the database to ensure they will be going to the correct place. There are 6500 or so new XE2 summits. LUQ and VK3 updates went in earlier this week but there is an outstanding issue regarding summits with points changes in VK3 reporting 0 points for old activations of these summits. Expect a fix in a few days. IS0 and IA region/association manager details have been brought up to date too.

I have only updated the database and this means that all the official SOTA websites have access to the new data. Anything that uses the ‘new’ API will also be looking at the correct data. SOTA mapping updates its data every 24hrs so it may take a day to catch up. I’m not sure if Sotl.as takes a daily snapsot either. I have updated summitslist.csv. (Due to hosting issues this is no longer updated daily). If you use a 3rd party app, please ensure it is using the latest data.

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Welcome LUQ

Even God can’t move mountains, but our excellent team has found a way!!!
Congratulations and thanks for all the hard work

Thanks for all your good work Andy.

It’s nice to be thanked but… The people who did this work are Andrew ZL2AJ, Andrew VK3ARR, Simon G4TJC and the AM’s of these associations. I really did very little, I logged into the DB webadmin page and did a DB snapshot, I downloaded the new data with a Python script Csaba YO6PIB wrote, I uploaded the new data with a tool Gary G0HJQ wrote and I’ve been updating for 9 years and checked it looked reasonable (all of a few seconds) and then ran the summitslist.csv maker script. So it was clickety-click-click and have a cup of tea. The others have put many, many hours of work in to this.

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Thanks to all for the LUQ greetings, special thanks to Simon and Andy for their work!
I’m the Alejandro, the AM for LUQ.


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Of course Andrew ZL2AJ is Warren ZL2AJ :blush: . But as most people involved in SOTA in VK and ZL are called Andrew it feels wrong typing any other name. Well that’s my excuse.