1st December 2018 Association Uploads

This month we have several new associations in addition to a collection of tweaks.

PY1 Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

Here is another big Brazilian association with 1283 summits. Welcome to Douglas and his PY1 friends.

There are of course many iconic summits in Rio de Janeiro, but one that struck me especially was PY1/RJ-005 Dedo de Deus, which we nearly missed because it’s so pointy!

V5 Namibia

Another big one - 2719 summits.
Another spectacular country. Looking forward to hearing from this one too. Welcome!

ZS8 Marion and Prince Edward Islands

Staying in this region we add South Africa’s sub-Antarctic territory, consisting of the two named islands. Each provides one summit. As you can imagine visitors are rare, but occasionally there is a ham op’ on the crew of the research station.

That’s it for new associations, but we’ve done a bit of tidying up too, with some new summit names a few retirements (for instance some ZS summits straying over the border into V5) and one or two score corrections…

The new summits will not be visible on the system (except by searching) until they become valid at midnight. Stay safe!