1st August 2018 Association updates

We have quite a large set of updates this month, and Andy has already started on the uploads.

More later on what’s new, but I wanted to start off by highlighting one little change in SP.

The summit Ostrzyca Proboszczowicka, had originally been listed in the BP region as SP/BP-007. This was not right. So, Andy cast some SQL spells and the summit has now become SP/SZ-011. The clever bit is that Andy’s tweak has brought all the original activations with it. So your past activations/chases of SP/BP-007 have now become activations/chases of SP/SZ-011.

More update reports to follow…

We have the following new associations:

Mexico XE3
Argentina LUH
Brazil PS8
Marianas Islands KH0
Guam KH2

SP 4 deletions and 6 additions, many name updates
EA4 many new summits
ZL1/WK 1 new summit

Also there have been changes to RMs in many associations.

I still have some problems (missing summits) in the HB9 association that I hope to resolve today.

As usual, I merely get the data into the DB, the real work is done by the AMs, RMs and the summits team. So please join me in thanking managers who have retired, new managers who have joined and everyone else who has worked on these changes.

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In addition to the summits and association data updates, I have tweaked a few features on the DB app.

  • Aggregated associations updated to feature All LU and All PY as these countries will feature multiple associations.
  • Added missing associations to All W (KH0,KH2), All VE (VO1, VO2, VY1, VY2, VE3)
  • Dropped the association name from the AM reports filename. So England’s report is now G-activity.csv and not G - England_activity.csv. Unicode file names work on both WinServer-2012 (where the DB runs) and Linux (where the files are made available to everyone), unicode names do not work when the files are zipped and transferred.

DB ident is “Version : 2.1.6784.25317, Created (UTC): 29-Jul-18 14:03:54”

Thanks Andy.

EA4 New Summits

This is the second part of our update to EA4, using 5-m horizontal resolution LIDAR data from IGN, Spain’s national mapping agency.

Last time we identified 15 summits that were subsidiary to higher points and set them to retire at the end of August. Their replacements are now on the system, and we’ve set these to start on 1st September. So you’ve still got a month if you want to activate the old positions.

These are the old, retiring references and their replacements:

Old Ref. Replacement
EA4/BA-005 EA4/BA-021
EA4/BA-008 EA4/BA-022
EA4/BA-011 EA4/BA-026
EA4/BA-012 EA4/BA-031
EA4/CC-015 EA4/CC-044
EA4/CR-011 EA4/CR-031
EA4/CR-017 EA4/CR-039
EA4/CR-020 EA4/CR-047
EA4/CR-025 EA4/BA-024
EA4/GU-007 EA4/GU-050
EA4/GU-029 EA4/GU-052
EA4/GU-036 EA4/GU-059
EA4/GU-046 EA4/CU-042
EA4/MD-016 EA4/MD-054
EA4/MD-018 EA4/MD-055

The 327 other new EA4 summits will be live from 1st August.

Do take note of where we have moved away from a vértice. If we’ve moved to a new position with a new reference it means the old position will no longer be valid. I noted the following new references where the vértice is not in the AZ:


Many thanks to Moises @EA4MZ for assisting with the update.

PS8 Brazil - Piauí

Welcome to AM Ronaldo PS8RV. With assistance from Pedro PR8ZX we’ve got 122 summits listed here.

We’re still working on ARMs, but here’s a map:

We have several more Brazilian associations in the pipeline.

LUH - Argentina - Córdoba

The LU team now have another association, with 36 summits (building up to the big ones!).

LUH is the province of Córdoba,

We should have ARMs on-line shortly.

KH0 Mariana Islands

This stems from an enquiry we received about activating the last unclaimed (for climbing) US county high point - the volcanic summit of Agrihan Island in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas.

Sadly this attempt had to be postponed, but we’re listing all the summits anyway. Activating any of the unpopulated islands would be sure to be a major undertaking (clearing a trail, &c) and any of them will likely throw up other issues. We’re grateful to Todd, KH2TJ, for taking on the AM role.

KH2 Guam

Todd has also taken on Guam, which has 3 summits.

A few more tweaks in the data from the updates.

  • HB/VS-112 correctly named as Mont de l’Arpille
  • Argentina - LUH name corrected to Argentina - Córdoba
  • HB9 start date was missing now set to 1st August 2005
  • Brazil - Maranhao reset to Brazil - Maranhão as it is not used as a filename anymore
  • New HB9 summits HB/GR-048, HB/GL-373,HB/GL-374,HB/GL-375 now visible
  • HB/AI region update in place (names, positions, heights etc.)
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Well done everyone - it’s appreciated!


It’s my understanding that Simon takes care of producing good ARM’s, while Andy does his best to map data from different ARM’s into the corresponding database tables and records. Now, my question is who is in charge of correcting possible inconsistencies?

Namely, the E7 ARM contains the following line:
Min. height for bonus: 3 Points for activations ≥ 1 000m ASL
A quick look at sotamaps popup windows (which reflect the database settings) shows that the minimal height for bonus points is set to ≥ 1400m ASL. Would somebody please correct this.

BTW, I was told that E7 SOTA was initiated by two Slovenian (S5) guys, who apparently copied the Association Reference Data table from the S5 ARM to the E7 ARM. Now, it may or may not be a good approach. I hope the MT will reconsider data in the Bosnian ARD table during the next review of the E7 ARM and make it more consistent with General Rules rather than Slovenian specific data.

And, yes, S5 ARM should be reviewed, too. It contains some statements inconsistent with General SOTA Rules.

Zoran, the points that you raise here should be made by PEM to the MT, that way they are more likely to quickly be directed to the attention of the appropriate people. With regard to the specific point raised about bonus points, in my opinion the ARM is the reference source and any conflicting details elsewhere should be ignored.

You are right, Brian. Is there a group email address for all members of the MT or I should write to any member of the team?

No… definitely a local who I believe is still a resident of Sarajevo. I remember the inception of the E7 association very well.

There is a contact page on the website (SOTA Home on the Sotawatch menu) but also if you go to the About SOTA page and scroll down you can get contact with individual MT members. Probably best to use the contact for all members where the matter concerns more than one of them.

Great. Thanks, Brian.

One more 1st August new summit to bring to your attention, especially OM and SP ops.

Rysy, OM/PO-092, 10 points, has its true summit just on the OM side of the border with SP. However, according to data on peakbagger.com there is only a 9-m drop off Rysy North Peak, itself a little over 3m lower, before rising to the high point. This puts the North Peak in the AZ.

So why is this notable to SP ops? Rysy (North Peak) is the highest point in SP. Taking care over the AZ, activate using the OM ref and adjust your call sign according to which side of the border you are.

Many thanks to Juraj @OM1DI for assistance.

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Mexico South (XE3) association has been added to SOTA this month. A total of 3383 new summits into the database.

Also a new region was added to Mexico North - Tamaulipas with 339 new summits.


Thanks Warren.

That’s over 4000 summits added this month, with the biggest upward tick in the graph coming from XE:

I thought that was Alaska?

Sorry, I meant to say was that XE is the biggest contributor to this month’s upward step. :slightly_smiling_face: