1st Activation VE6/RA-017 Cox Hill

VE6/RA-017 Cox Hill, another Hill! at 7185ft and requiring, 2825ft total ascent. This was my first successful 4 point SOTA. Total trip time was 6 hours including 90 minutes on the summit. The return hiking distance is under 8 miles (11.5K) and in the summertime can be mountain biked (or Horseback) in combination with Jumpingpound Mountain VE6/RA-012 for a long day of SOTA biking….
Today however the summit was a chill -12 C with 25km/hr gusts (turned my vertical & counterpoises into a Hitech May pole. There was a good trail to follow as a snow shooing group had probably done the same ascent in the last week. Goldilocks snow for me, just firm enough to walk on with occasional post-holing but not too hard for the down climb and my knees. Fortunately I did not need snow shoes (I forgot mine today!) and I was able to make good time up and down. Hardwork for me but very satisfying.

12 successful QSO on 20m SSB and 1 on 40m SSB :
w0mna Txs Gary 2012 Km
k6ilm Txs Elliot 1586 Km S2S
w4zv Txs William 3249 Km
k0yo Txs Michael 1441 Km
n4ex Txs Richard 3323 Km
ns7p Txs Phil 998 Km
n4mj Txs Glen 2619 Km
kk1w Txs James 3354 Km
ke5akl Txs Michael 1889 Km
w6ub Txs Martin 2969 Km
kg3w Txs Scott 2868 Km
ve1wt Txs Phil 3731 Km
ve7cv Txs Peter 388 Km 40m

Photos: Cox Hill VE6/RA-017 | Flickr

In reply to VA6MCB:

Shoot, missed another activation. Next time I guess.


In reply to VE6KAD:
Maybe we can arrange to try FM with my Yagi, you are probably too close for HF. 73, Walker