1st activation - glad I had plan B

I activated my first summit in Portland Oregon yesterday. I planned to use a hamstick whip on forty meters that was working just great at my QTH. I grabbed my handheld as an after thought. Glad I did as i couldn’t get the hamstick’s swr down below 10. I grabbed my handheld and got 7 contacts (thanks for the help guys). I finally got the hamstick to work - just wasn’t getting good contact with the counterpoise wire. Regardless still did not make a single contact with it. Glad I had a backup. Good lesson. De Earl KD7HXN


When you’re stuck up on top of a summit, there’s a lot to be said for having an antenna that doesn’t need fiddly on-site adjustments…

Hope your next expedition is more successful.

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Well done, Earl. Glad that VHF allowed you to qualify your first Summit Activation. I am sure the Chasers enjoyed their QSO’s with you.
Good Luck, enjoy the SOTA. 73 de Paul M0CQE.