=191st and raising....hopefully

It is 4 years to the day this weekend since my last activation on 28th January 2006 at Shining Tor. Did a bit of chasing in the lull and some SOTA contact when hilltopping near my QTH

I am equal 191st on the SOTA Leader board, so here’s to breaking into the top 100 : )

So dust of the boots and ease myself back into hillwalking and SOTA.

Pondering on Black Hill or Kinder Scount? Probably 6m, 4m, 2m & 70cm FM only on the HT for this one(subject to Batt life), but may drag the FT817 and poles and do a spot of SSB?

Hoping the weather is kind to me!?!?



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cor blimey dave i thought you had retired 100%,
you will find it a little bit harder these days, but good luck,
Steve m0sgb

you will find it a little bit harder these days

I would disagree Steve - unless I have misinterpreted you and you are actually referring to taking up walking again after a few years off!

From my own activator log, I note the following statistics:

Year - Average time taken (mins:secs) to get 4 QSOs (qualify) - Average QSOs per activation

2002 — 23:00 — 4.0
2003 — 15:46 — 5.8
2004 — 14:52 — 8.7
2005 — 17:46 — 7.9
2006 — 19:41 — 5.7
2007 — 18:25 — 8.4
2008 — 12:43 — 12.2
2009 — 13:00 — 19.6

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The short story is I have had a back problem since 2005 and struggled on for a further year or two. Now sorted -ish, but then a job change and life getting in the way. I kinda get out of the habit of hillwalking\SOTA.

At my peak in late 90s\early 00s I was doing 24 hrs endurance walks 3 peaks, lyke wake walk etc.

Now I am extremely unfit and carry too much baggage ; )

So hopefully this will be the start of me working my way up the SOTA leader board.

Maybe catch you on the air on Saturday.



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Good luck, Dave - no pain, no gain! :frowning:


Brian G8ADD

Good stuff Dave, good luck with the walks and hopefully the increased fitness will come along with the activator points.

I am just trying to find the motivation and will to get up early in a morning. I am out of shape courtesy of the deadly combination of Christmas Feasting and staying in due to the snow. I need to be putting my new 30m aerial to good use before work in a morning.

73, Tom M1EYP

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Now I am extremely unfit and carry too much baggage ; )

Judging by the title of this thread if you weigh 191stone and are still getting heavier you must have put a hell of a lot of weight on since you suspended your SOTA activities!


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Oh I think there is gonna be lots of pain as a trudge up Black Hill : (

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Well thats the plan. Start off with a few local summits\bimbles, and then get back into my stride. It might be a bit optimistic but I like to bag all the SP Summits in the Winter\Spring, and leave summer\autumn for some of the NP Summits.

Good luck with the 30m aerial. I am hoping once I get back into it, I will active some summits on HF. Got all the gear poles, wire, tuner and the key!


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191st LOL Yeh, well feels like I not far off that. Definitely close to that in lbs : ( But I am big lad, big boned and all that ; )