19.08.17: Visit from Japan in DM/RP

Our SOTA friend Keiichi, JF8LPB, will be in Germany this week.
He’ll visit the WRC Deutschland rallye event.
Because it will take place also in my region Keiichi asked me for some advice for some SOTAs.
I said "Let’s do a joint activation…
Johnny, DK9JC, will also be with us.
Thanks to Johnny, he helped, that Keiichi can be active as DL/JF8LPB and not only with DO-license…

This is our plan for saturday morning, 19/08/2017, all times in UTC:
07:00 DM/RP-158 Erbeskopf
08:30 DM/RP-187 Wildenburger Kopf
10:30 DM/RP-171 Roesterkopf

Surely we’ll have up there possibilities for a sotawatch spot.

All bands are possible for Keiichi, he can use my FT-897, SSB and/or CW, just as he wants to…
For me as usual only 2m/70cm/10m/15m because of license limitation, preferring SSB.

Hope to hear you.
73s de Joerg, DO1DJJ


Hi there,

as I activated already DM/RP-158 Erbeskopf and also DM/RP-187 Wildenburger Kopf earlier this year, I am on those 2 summits for support only. Maybe I will try something out with digimodes or new gear.

I need DM/RP-171 Roesterkopf, so you will hear me most likely on 40m and 20m in SSB that day. I might work 4 stations only, as I give Keiichi, DL/JF8LPB the priority of course.

Depending on the time, Keiichi, DL/JF8LPB will leave us for Rallye after the 3 summits and I will do DM/RP-449, Teufelskopf (695m, 6 Points), as it is in the area. Jörg, DO1DJJ will join maybe too.

So we hope for a lot of chasers. We count on you! :slight_smile:

73s de DK9JC



Good to hear that there is some pragmatism possible because I needed to apply for a Japanese guest license for my upcoming trip to JA (See SOTA watch).
I was asking JARL if I can operate with a JA/ prefix which was denied.
So I wonder under with legal framework/rule is it possible to expand the regulation of TR61/01 to non-member states?
Japan has signed the TR61/02 that harmonizes and acknowledges the exams vice versa but not the TR61/01.
Thanks for sharing.

And of course have a lot of fun with the SOTA activations :slight_smile:

73 de Joe

I don’t think this is the right topic to discuss the issue, but I recommend that you do not ask if you can use JA/OE5JFE only. I would rather ask what the requirements are to be on air in Japan with your Austrian license. I am sure they will tell you. :slight_smile:

Hello Johnny,

Sorry for hijacking this thread. I think it does not make sense to contiune discussing as my trip to JA is soon and everything is already organiced.
My guest callsign is JJ1FJK.

Again good luck to Keiichi and have a lot of Fun during your activities.

73s de Joe

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Fancy a 144 MHz SSB s2s? Will be out on DM/TH-001.


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Summit to Summit is always fine, let’s try it.

It’s only 270 km. Should work with 20 W feeding a wet string.

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@DG7ACF Pom: heared you 52 when talking with another station, but didn’t found you later after you where qsy-ing from 144.300. )-:

We had a nice day and activated 3 summits together with Mr. Kondo-san.
A pity that there wasn’t more time.
Thanks to all chasers.



I just wrote an article [English] on my blog (www.dk9jc.de) about our activation with lots of photos. Check it out :slight_smile: SOTA: Visitor from Japan (DL/JF8LPB) in DM/RP

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Thanks for the activation report, Johnny! Obviously you guys had a grand day out. Sorry we couldn’t make the s2s on 144 MHz though my qth had an excellent take-off into your direction. Gonna be out again to work Kondo-san s2s during the 2018 ADAC Deutschland Rallye. :wink:


Kondo-san said that he is right now in czech republic visiting Barum rally.
He will activate some summits up there on sunday, only with his 2m handheld because of lack of supporters.
Good luck to him. I do also have some more photos and video sequences, a medley of this has to be created, but not today, dj-ing tonight. :slight_smile: -)