18650 2400mA - Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

Hi folks!

I have been trying to track down a supplier of 18650 - Li-Ion batteries to replace in my existing external battery packs bought in 2005.

My best match so far has been from a Chinese manufacturer for $72.00 for 12 (inc battery tags - required to make-up the pack). The only problem the shipping rate is just over $78.00. Phew!

Wonder if anyone knows a closer supplier for European surface postal rates, or indeed a Far East supplier with more sensible rates.



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$9.68 per pair at free shipping will be hard to beat… never used them myself, so not sure if they are rubbish.

73 Bernhard DL4CW

edit: sri, just saw the cells don’t have soldering tags

In reply to GM4COX: Have you thought about an external pack as described here…

They come with chargers and built-in circuitry to prevent over(dis)charge.

73 - Martin, G4EFE

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Hi Martin - tks for the reply.

Yes I am aware of these types of battery packs, but the packs (2) I purchased in 2005 and are ideal for use with the FT817. They are compact and light and come with their own battery management built in.

Also. They come with the leather case which provides protection for the battery, but is also ideal for use with the 817 as the flap of the battery slips inside the open 817 case to provide a angled view of the 817 display. Great if you are sitting down at the top of a summit and trying to view the 817 display.

The battery is still available from the OEM, but in large quantities - emmm that gives me an idea - maybe I should become a supplier of batteries to the 871 fraternity - hi!

Again thanks for the response (also Bernhard)


Jack (;>)

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The battery is still available from the OEM, but in large quantities -
emmm that gives me an idea - maybe I should become a supplier of
batteries to the 871 fraternity - hi!

Good idea - put me down for a couple! :slight_smile:


Brian G8ADD

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There was a chap selling tagged 2200mA 18650’s at a few rallies. He was selling them for £1 each and a bit of haggling got that to 6 cells for £5. I’ve built some 3S1P packs of out them giving a 2200mAH pack that weighs about 200g. It uses the same connector as my RC packs so I can use the same charger.

The only problem I had was the inbuilt discharge / charge limiter went OC on the 3 of the cells. I don’t know if this was why they were on the surplus market or not. But I removed the wee circuit board and the cells work fine still. It’s up to me to make sure the charge and discharge rates are accetable!


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Hi, Jack,
I´ve been decided try 18650 battery about two years ago. Because of I hadn´t any experience with it, I chose cheepest ones and I bought two pairs.
I also bought charger.
I can say, that I´m very satisfied with it. Because of full charge voltage is too high for my SW40, I connected two diodes in serial.
I can recommende you these batteries. Price of this dealer isn´t too high.

73, Kamil

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Hi Kamil and the rest of the gang.

Think I have tracked down a supplier http://www.lightinthebox.com/Ultrafire-2400mAh-3-7V-Protected-18650-Cell_p78197.html - so much so I have placed and order today for 12 batteries. Works out about $72.00 inc delivery insurance. Well see what turns up in the post.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.


Jack (:>)