17m and above - SOTA band advice

So… I’ve just created a 10m dipole in a similar vein to my SOTABeams QuadBander 20m/30m/40m/80m - had my first 10m QSO’s today.

The MCHF SDR transceiver supports 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m - my question is, if I were to choose three out of the four bands to make a linked dipole, which two others would it be - given I have a 10m dipole to start with?

I’m thinking it would be 10m, 15m and 17m, but open to advice. I do use these dipoles to do general HF work as well as SOTA. I only do SSB.

Regards, Mark.

This time of year, 12/10m will work due to it being Northern Hemisphere Es season.

You can probably get your 40m dipole working FB on 15m for little effort which leaves you wanting 17/12 for the full set :slight_smile:

We’re at the bottom of the solar cycle, I’d add 17m to the 20/30/40/80 dipole and some tweekers for 15m and put 12/10 on the other one. You can leave the 12/10 unit at home for a while once Es dies out.

Why stop at 3? Mine does every band from 7 to 28. Your rig has 4 bands so make a 4 band linked dipole. (At least 4. )

Similar question - would a dipole work on 6m and get any contacts (5w SSB) or would 6m need something with gain? (Sorry my knowledge of 6 is limited - after having a 20 yr break it is an exciting new band…!)

Ok you convinced me. I will go for four band. I think I have the crocodile clips and spacers to do a quad band dipole.

Yes, a dipole will do a good job in a sporadic E opening. Another good choice would be a GW0GHF antenna (A Long-wire Aerial for Six Metres), using one of those and an FT817 I worked 34 entities in my first sporadic E season. Oddly enough, you will get good results from a G5RV, too!

I set my 10 m beacon running yesterday and there is certainly SpE about.


The UKSMG map shows scattered 6m contacts across Europe but no major opening.