160M broadcast, 1888Khz?

Whilst checking 160m this morning (thinking about, rather than getting on with, making 160m traps) I came across this broadcast on 1888 Khz. Anyone like to offer an explanation?

Mystery broadcast on 1888 Khz

Regards, Mark.

Almost sounds like a Spanish language numbers station.

That’s been a regular feature on that particular frequency for years. It’s in italian, and is either a series of weather reports, or some kind of government services coded transmission.

I searched the web for “1888 kHz”. All the hits were for “IPD Civitavecchia Radio 1888 kHz USB Italian Maritime Radio”.


Thanks for the info, I don’t think when I searched I put the exact frequency in.

It does sound a lot like a maritime report on 2nd listen! I currently know nothing about top band as I haven’t had an antenna, but hopefully that will change shortly.

Thanks, Mark.

Ever heard of the PIP Russian on 3760, the female announcer can be funny at times.