160m activation of OK/JC-078

Hi all,
me and Radek OK1MRK plan to activate Svobodna hora OK/JC-078 on 160 meters CW/SSB this Saturday (5th September) with full size inverted V antenna and power about 5 watts on CW and some 50 watts on SSB.
We will spend the night on Svobodna hora but main activity is planned for Saturday evening. We will send a spot to SOTAwatch once we are QRV.

Every QSO will be appreciated. See you on top band!


Full sized TB antenna wow that,s a big one.

1985khz about 2000 utc onwards normally got a small WAB net running, they would love to work you as most of us do Sota and one from OK is going to be challenge listen out for ya


Hi Karl,
Thanks for info about WAB net. We can check 1985 kHz after 2000z. Unfortunately there is 10 watts power limit from 1890 kHz to 2000 kHz here in Czechia.

As you wrote, full size dipole for top band is quite big antenna. We want to hang it up on a wooden lookout tower that stands on the summit. That is one of main reasons why we chose OK/JC-078 for our top band activation.