RECENTLY 40 and 20m getting bit poor for Sota-ing but noted a mark increase on 15m of late Saturday caught OE Sotas X 2 & DL and this morning HB0 Sota.

Pse when out and about give 15m a try :slight_smile:


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Thanks for working us Karl! (we were the 2-member expedition in OE, OM1WS and OM1ALT, on OE/NO-082 and NO-255). 20 and 40 meters didn’t work much, lots of QRN, the S-meter on my FT857D kept jumping over 9.

The main motivation for dusting off the 15-meter section of my linked dipole was OM1ALT. He’s a new ham and holds a CEPT N-class license.Bback home in Slovakia he is only allowed a small section of the band 21.151-21.200 where no one actually goes. In Austria he’s got access to the whole band.

I still remember when I had to work split (TX below 21.200 and RX above 21.200) to work the Americans back in 2014-2015. Sometimes with a significant amount of help from you and Mike, G6TUH.

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