We are pleased to announce that we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Austria joining the SOTA programme and are offering the award 15 YEARS SOTA AUSTRIA
in the following categories:

Activator Award: operators need to have activated 15 summits in Austria in the year 2019

Chaser Award: operators need to have chased 15 activators on Austrian summits in the year 2019

Summit-to-Summit Award: operators need to have made 15 S2S contacts with activators on Austrian summits in the year 2019

Please send your application with an ADIF file containing the details of the necessary contacts or a Word/PDF file listing
date / time / your callsign / station worked / your SOTA reference (activators and S2S) / reference of the station worked (chaser)
by email to Martin oe5reo(at)oevsv.at to receive a PDF certificated (free of charge).
Only contacts that have been entered in the database are valid.

73, Sylvia OE5YYN


A good way to begin collecting summits and points would be the Vienna SOTA day spring on May 26.

Lovely looking certificate Sylvia, I think I’ll have a go at achieving it from a Chaser point-of-view from GM (though it would have been great to have tried for 15 Activations in OE - too many in GM to complete at the moment - hi!).

Well done!



Design by Martin OE5REO :blush::blush:


Really nice award

but … so small numbers of qso from here (jn37 - southern part of the black forrest) to OE … i think i would need a “mixed” award
73 Armin

Hi Armin,
I think with varying conditions you should be able to make the 15 contacts with activators in Austria by the end of the year - there are still 7 months to go and the main activities are only starting now (still a lot of snow in the higher mountains….).
I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

73, Sylvia

I’m hoping to get to Austria this summer and activate some summits. How active is the Salzburg area?

Hi Andrew,

Salzburg has a new and very active Region Manager Gilbert @OE2GXL - you can send him a PM via the reflector.
Let us know when you are coming, we might even try to organise a joint activation if you wish.
The SOTA community in Upper Austria (OE5) will also be on standby :wink:

73, Sylvia

German speakers can find the corresponding information on the ÖVSV Website:


We will also be able to offer an award for the special callsign OE15SOTA (to be on the air from Sept. 6 - 22). The corresponding information will be issued nearer to the day.

73, Sylvia

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