15 years of Sota OE diploma

As we celebrate 15 years of sota in OE there is a nice diploma announced:


The year comes to an end and I still miss two activations and three S2S OE-OE contacts.

any OE activations yet planned for this year? I am situated in the eastern part (OE3), nearby stns (OE3, OE1, OE5, OE6) will be possible on 2 m FM, the western/southern regions I’m afraid only 80 m cw/(ssb).

73 Martin OE3VBU

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We’ll do our best!

73, Sylvia

Alert is up for tomorrow Sunday.
08/12/2019 10:30z OE5JFE/P on OE/OO-345
aprs.fi - live APRS map time +/-1h

Should have could coverage to OE3

73 Joe

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tu info, Joe,

Should have could,… hi could be a challenge, bring ur contest stn (or 5el yagi and turn off squelch at least), but anyway no sota for me tmw, sri. straw widower, math lessons wid junior and private assembler lesson for me scheduled.
cu soon,

73 Martin

You missed a great sunny but cold day.
Was 2h on the summit … hi

Maybe again out next Sunday
73 Joe

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congrats and thank you rubbig salt into the wound, hi
also vy sunny in Vienna today, and I knew perfect sota wx. To be honest, we threw a coin to decide what to do today.
No regrets here. Mountains are quite stable but µC gurus pass away, private lecture every Sunday…

cu 73 Martin

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