145.525 FM Opening EA2-G

Just now Iñaki EB2GKK is working a lot of G’s from SOTA ref EA2/VI-003. Please try

GW6OVD/P has recently gone to 2M
keep ears open for him


I’m copying Iñaki - EB2GKK/P right now on 145.525 FM and amazing with the several DX into UK he’s been working over the last hour.

Been a big hot-spot over G today…

Was much sronger earlier,

73 Mike

Dear Mikel nice to read this post.
Really an amazing day from SOTA ref EA2/VI-003 that I will not forget it easily. I was following the tropo propagation forecast reports last days and the selected summit has been successful. This time many local stations have been surprised here in EA2, listening my calls in English… not in Basque. I have worked a total of 43 stations of which 10 are from UK, 4 Summit to Summit contacts of which one has been worked with MW0ECX from GW/SW009, it has been great Neil !!!
My working conditions have been a Yagui 3 elements and 15W.
I hope this activation will inspire other stations to use this band for DXs.
Looking forward to the next tropo pass, I will be writing a report soon.
73s de Inaki.

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One question I forgot to ask you today on 2m: was your 3 elements yagi horizontal or vertical?
Thank you and best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Hi Guru,
as you see in the picture it was vertically positioned facing to UK !!!