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144 mhz 2x11 element beam

hello ive just erected a double stack 11 element beam, so just wondering if anyone available for quick radio reports please. listening 144-300mhz from Manchester
thanks in advance Steven m0sgb

HI Steve

Horizontal or Vertical? I have both polarisations. 12:00 local time on 144.330. I will stay listening until 12:05 local - QTH Pickering North Yorkshire. IO94of bearing for me to Manchester is around 235 degrees, recip for you about 55 degrees. I have 7 elements V or H and 150 watts.

73 Phil G4OBK

73 Phil

hi phil long time no heaer just beaming your direction now

sorry phil horizontal

No problem - I can do horizontal as I have a dual fed cross yagi.

See you at 12:00 I can easily work into Manchester - try now if you like my RX is on and set to horizontal.

73 Phil

g4obk de m0sgb calling now

Calling you also on 144.330. Standing by nothing heard yet… better stop these chat messages now to avoid complaints.

I will continue to standby for you until 12:05 local time when I have to leave the shack.

73 Phil

ok tnx
Phil 73 have a good day