14.285MHz SSB?


I notice that most stations on November 14th are planning to operate on 14.285MHz USB.

Is that a common center of activity for SOTA?

I’m taking a CW-only radio up my summit, so I will try for a cross-mode contact by calling any stations I hear on 14.285MHz in (slow speed) CW.

Is there any recommended frequency for CW? I was planning just to go a little above the QRP frequency around 14.063kHz.

  • Martin, VA3SIE/VE2/P (VA3SIE-7 on APRS).

In reply to VA3SIE:
Hi Martin, 14.285 is the suggested frequency for QRP SSB and knowing what SOTA folk are like its likley to be QRP. I also find that higher in the band it tends to be less populated. Not sure about the CW frequencys, i look forward to the 14th and hope the wx is good. Sean M0GIA

SOTA activators have for sometime used a number of common frequencies. This is because a lot of us use a linked dipole to prevent the need to also carry a tuner and they obviously work best at the frequencies we cut them for. It is also easier for the keen chasers who when they switch bands are probably going to be already set up on or near the right frequency. There is no need to stick to these frequencies as long as the chasers know where to look for you it should make little difference. The only contacts that might be a problem are summit to summit contacts where if the other stations antenna is too far detuned at the frequency you are operating they may be too weak to hear.

Regards Steve GW7AAV