14.280 MHz

Dr SOTA Friends,
On 14.280 there is a carrier originated in Ukraine. That means for me, and I think for many other Chasers, no possibility to receive the weak SOTA Activators. So please avoid this frequency from 14.278 to 14.282.
73 de geert pa7zee

Hi Geert,
I do not hear a carrier on 14.280 here in Upper Bavaria, so it looks like it is a directional transmission to Holland. I do have plenty of carriers down around 14.150 however, they are a real pain.

73 Ed.

Internal birdie perhaps ? Or some stray radiation from something in your area ?

The IARU Region 1 Monitoring System reports:
14.280,0 1005 Wed. 01 UKR A3E female voice with encrypted msgs – figures – “SZRU” = Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine in Rivne – every Wednesday at 1005 utc
The carrier is constant in the air; reason for my request
73 de geert pa7zee